Friday, 15 October 2010

British Freedom Party, a multi-cult sellout.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. This image straight from the front page of the travesty which is the new British Freedom Party website certainly says it all about the new "Nationalist" party that is supposed to be the new reformed BNP.

Blacks, Asians and Women to the fore, white males pushed out of sight and of no significance right at the back... Nothing new there then.

As I have said before and will continue to say, the reform movement is just another state sponsored setup. What has and is happening to the BNP is not happening in a vacuum and the reform movement is yet another part of the strategy to dilute and marginalize members of the nationalist movement.

Anyone who supports this traitorous multi-cultural shower and yet still purports to be a nationalist is either a liar or a moron. Join the only political party that truly represents the interests of the British people. Join the NATIONAL FRONT today.

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Anonymous said...

this is all a set up of jewboy barnes the bagel king. why don't he fuck off back to israel! i have stated before good nationalists should join the national front.