Monday, 4 October 2010

Council tax payers threaten to stop paying

People living in a part of Normanton have threatened to stop paying council tax amid fears of escalating anti-social behaviour. At a heated neighbourhood forum meeting last night, residents said they felt that Derby City Council had "abandoned" the area.

The meeting, at St Augustine's Community Centre, in Almond Street, attracted scores of people from the Stanton Street area – and some of them claimed the trouble was being caused by Eastern European members of the community. But police said they had no evidence a particular ethnic group was to blame.

One resident said: "In the last two years we've seen many families of the Roma community move into this area. "The fly-tipping and rubbish has increased and it's common to see settees, mattresses and bags of food appear on the streets.

"The noise and music can also be horrendous and this has a huge impact on the lives of people living nearby." Other people said they had been accused of racism. One resident said he felt the only way the council would listen to them is if they stopped paying council tax.

But Sergeant Simon Adams, of Peartree and Normanton Safer Neighbourhood Team, said police did not want to victimise any ethnic minority group. "A lot of the problems reported to us do seem to suggest people of Eastern European background are involved but with any anti-social behaviour we deal with it the way we always do," he said.

Sergeant Adams said that he would look into applying for a Section 30 dispersal order, to give police powers to move on groups thought to be causing trouble. "However some are targeting Roma families that have moved into the area. We do need to work together to rectify this problem." One minute the Police admit that there is an Eastern European problem, Sgt Adams:-"A lot of the problems reported to us do seem to suggest people of Eastern European background are involved”

And in the same breath they say: - “but police said they had no evidence a particular ethnic group was to blame.” It is of course obvious to the residents that since the Roma have arrived the problems have started, so the police ‘Public Servants’ by the way should forget the race card and deal with the problems that these Roma are causing. The tax payers of our country deserve police protection as after all we pay their wages and this is our country.


Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)


Anonymous said...

get the dirty ethnic bastards to clean the rubbish up. i thought that was the reason they where here for to do the crap job's our people won't do?

Richard Chadfield said...

Not paying their council tax is an excellent sentiment. However it will not happen because it will transpire that they is no community solidarity for this action. Those (if any) who try this will either have they goods seized or their wages intercepted (if employed) or as a last resort be sent to prison. Whose who are unemployed, most likely a significant percentage, can not withhold their tax because they don't pay any. So i am afraid that this is just hot air. Defying local or national government requires mass determined support. Support that knows and accepts the consequences of their actions. If you wish to hurt this oppressive anti British and essentially criminal state then you must look to take from it something that it requires at minimal or no cost to yourself. What does the state need? Here are my suggestions.
1) The community to be ignorant about the political system under which they exist.
2) Your fear. Fear breeds obedience.
3)The wealth of your labour which it steels through an unjust system of taxation.
4)Your vote in elections. Because your vote legitimises their rule and maintains the lie of democracy.The bases of the states rule.

If we accept these points we see that there are things that we can do.
1) We can educate ourselves and others. Form community education groups. Talk, study, leaflet, communicate in every way. Make your community aware. A community with a grievence will achieve very little--a community with a deep understanding will achieve a great deal. Knowledge creates conviction and conviction is the bases of courage and without courage thay can be no hope of success.
2)Do not vote in any election. The system requires your vote--deny it. Encourage others not to vote. You will lose nothing by not voting: you will gain nothing by voting. You really can-not beat this system by participating in it's charades. But you can gain something by withdrawing from it's charades. The state is desperate for your vote hence the on-off talk of making voting compulsory.
So there are two possibilities. Others can no doubt think of others.
Richard Chadfield