Monday, 1 October 2007

Something nice for a change

A mystery donor has sent staff at RAF Halton an envelope full of pristine World War Two photographs of diverse subjects including the Dambuster attacks and Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery.

The pictures were received by Squadron Leader Colin Baker, who is Halton House's Historian. He was approached by a gentleman in his 80's at the recent Halton House Heritage Day. The stranger drove up to the Squadron Leader wound down the window of his car and said:

"I've got these pictures from the war. I'm about to throw them out, are they any good to you?"

Sqn Ldr Baker had no idea what the pictures were going to be of but said he would be interested and gave the elderly man his card.

A few days later he received an envelope.............

Read the whole great story here: WWII photos arrive at RAF Halton

View some of the fantastic photographs here: WWII in pictures

Pip pip

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