Monday, 15 October 2007

Whole Lotta Goyim

"If you think that you can beat the system... you are wrong" Harvey Goldsmith

Incredible enough that anyone should spend upwards of £125 to watch dinosaurs Led Zeppelin churn out the 'same old same old' a zillion years gone but what really gets me is that the tribe controlling the music industry still don't miss a trick to fuck people over for their hard earned. As if these bastards actually NEED to make more money it now transpires that if someone else purchased your ticket or they allowed someone else to transact their credit card to buy a ticket, the ticket is invalid and you have probably just kissed your/their money goodbye.

According to a BBC article which says: "Several thousand people won a password allowing them to purchase tickets in a lottery draw earlier this week.

But promoters now say that tickets will be canceled if the password holder's name is not the same as the one on the card used to pay for the tickets.

Fans have reacted angrily, claiming the terms changed after they made payments.

They say it was not made clear that the passwords were non-transferable in the initial email sent to ballot winners.

"There were no stipulations in respect of who could pay for, and thus claim, the tickets," wrote Dandu, from Canada, in an email to the BBC.

A second email, clarifying the terms and conditions, was apparently sent out several hours later - by which time many fans had already bought their tickets.

Fucking gob smacking is the way Harvey Goldkike actually refers to 'Parasites who ultimately put nothing whatsoever back into our business to support it'. Talk about calling ze kettle Schwartz already. One schmuck who used his mums credit card because he isn't old enough to hold one of his own may be told to fuck off by the ticket vendors.

My only hope is that the members of 'Zep' and Messrs Goldsmith and co join John Bonham in the not to distant future and all fucking die. Thieving fucking con men the lot of 'em.

Pip pip

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