Wednesday, 24 October 2007

You can't Con a Con but you Can Con the Public

British Jails for foreign Cons

Two prisons have been set aside for foreign prisoners at a cost of millions of pounds, it was revealed on Tuesday.

More than 400 inmates from abroad are locked up at Bullwood Hall, Essex, and Canterbury Prison, Kent, with a view to them being deported

The scheme costs substantially more per prisoner than the national average.

There are 154 foreign national prisoners at Bullwood, costing the taxpayer £40,478 per prisoner every year, and another 284 at Canterbury, costing £38,610 annually.

The average cost for holding category C prisoners is about £24,000.

Last night the CONservatives claimed the scheme showed the Government had broken its promise to deport foreign prisoners.

Shadow Jewstice Secretary Nick Herbert said: 'Now we understand two entire prisons are dedicated to holding foreign nationals while the rest of the prison estate is bursting at the seams.

'If the Government kept its promise to deport them, there would be extra space in our jails and no reason to release other prisoners early.'

But the Ministry of Jewstice claimed the decision to create foreign national prisons 'reflects our need to execute sorry, deport foreign national prisoners as quickly as possible'.

There are five Borders and Immigration Agency officials working in each prison to identify immigration issues and expedite deportation procedures, a Ministry of Jewstice spokesman (is that word still allowed?) added.

Split Arse Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers said it was easier to provide specialist services in one place than have people spread around.

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