Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Soldier refused service at gas station

Thanks to the BNP for bringing this to my attention.

A muslim worker at a BP filling station provoked fury by turning away a soldier because he was in uniform. The shocked Army officer wearing DPM was told to go away and change before he could buy beer from the service station shop. But witnesses claimed the snub was due to the attendant’s antiwar views.

This incident, which took place a service station at Guildford in Surrey only goes to reinforce our view that the Lib-Lab-Conmen have turned our once proud country into the World’s door-mat, may be read in full here.

Fucking outrageous, should be dragged out and shot.....bastard.

Pip pip

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Anonymous said...


"Italian Muslims have swiftly acted to stop the sale in local stores of toilet seat covers that feature verses of the Noble Qur'an in an unprecedented blasphemous act, reporting the matter to appropriate authorities and politicians, who proved forthcoming.
"I would like to thank Italian authorities who responded positively to our complaints against this profanity," Samir Al-Khalidi, the head of the Islamic Centre (Al-Huda) in Rome, told Saturday, October 27.

"We reacted astutely to this provocation and threw the ball in the court of security officials and politicians, demanding them to seize the products immediately to head off angry Muslim reaction," he added.

The Lazio-based Orizzonte Company unveiled this month a new collection of bathroom products including the offensive toilet cover seats.


"Inscribing the toilet seat covers with Ayat Al-Kursi (The Verse of the Throne) and putting the noble verse in the nastiest place was not unintentional," he said.

On how he learnt about the matter, Al-Khalidi said a fellow Italian Muslim happened on the sacrilegious pieces as he went shopping in Latina on Wednesday, October 24.

Al-Khalidi said he does not buy the company's excuses that it did not know what the Arabic words written on the cover seats really meant.

"This is not about art and beauty as the company claims; this is a crime," he said.