Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New Anti P2P laws needed says jew.

The UK government could legislate to crack down on illegal file-sharers, a senior official has told the BBC's iPM programme.

Lord Triesman, the parliamentary Under Secretary for Innovation, Universities and Skills, said intellectual property theft would not be tolerated.

"If we can't get voluntary arrangements we will legislate," he said.

The government cannot tolerate stealing, said Lord Triesman WTFOMGROTFLMOA !!!!!!!!

This has fuck all to do with property rights, you have none. Its about Government revenue and the control of the passage of information. If you ain't paying for it you ain't being taxed on it. In other words, if they can't chisel you one way they will create another way.

The Government is all in favour of stealing as long as it's you that's the victim of the theft. After all, didn't you know they have a god given right to rob you of your money. The money you work for, that you earn, that you scrimp and save so that these parasites and their socialist arse tunnelling lackeys who have never done an honest tap in their lives can confiscate it. Look at it this way. In order to share something it stands to reason that somewhere along the line someone must have bought it, so if through their generosity they feel the will to pass it along to someone else and that person then gives it to yet another person and so on. What the fuck has it to do with Government or anyone else. If I decide to give away my entire CD and DVD collection and the recipient then decides to share it with a hundred of his mates what the fuck is it to do with anyone else. I bought it, I paid for it. It is mine to do with as I please. So if that means sharing it by what ever medium I choose, so what.

What they are basically saying is this. We now reserve the right to impose a levy on anything you MAY HAVE purchased but didn't. We now have the power to make you pay for absolutely fuck all. In fact we can now make you pay for something that doesn't even physically exist. Just a sequence of electrical 1's and zero's. Intellectual property rights means the ability to extort by threat of legal sanction, money from gullible morons for an thought or idea someone perhaps may once have had. Fuck that !.

But ultimately,and here is the real kick, its about total control of the flow of information. It's about establishing a legally binding precedent and developing viable technology to track every aspect of our lives. Who does and says what and with whom. The last bastion of free expression is the internet and unless they can control that, they are fucked and they know it.

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