Monday, 21 January 2008

Another £825 Million squandered

Despite being capable of sustaining it's own Space program, having unlimited mineral resources a current economic boom and a continuing advanced Nuclear weapons development program our Prime Minister thinks it is worth squandering £825 million of British taxpayers money upon.

Gordon Brown has announced a new package of development aid for India, worth £825m over the next three years. The funding is expected to target areas such as the eastern state of Bihar, one of India's poorest.

Mr Brown was speaking at the start of a two day visit to India intended to improve business ties (and the cunt still calls himself a socialist) and co-operation in the fight against terrorism (sic). He is using his visits to China and India to promote better trade agreements with the UK (presumably by exporting more jobs and what little remains of our industry there).

Upon his arrival in Delhi, Mr Brown toured a project designed to boost the role of women in society with his wife Sarah. He said: "I am We are inspired by the young birds girls here who are telling us of their aspirations for the future. "Women are changing India and are the driving force of change for the future." Mr Brown said that of the new aid package, £500m will be dedicated to health and education. But not in Britain, I really don't give a fuck what their aspirations are.

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The Green Arrow said...

It might interest you to know Colonel that the EU is about to pass a directive exempting Multi-National Companies from paying Cooperation Tax.

All Good Stuff

Keep up the good work.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I was discussing the subject Tax and specifically the newly increased Corporation tax this morning with my Boss which he fears may kill his fledgling business stone dead. One rule for small indigenous private enterprise and no rules at all for the Multi-Nationals.