Sunday, 13 January 2008

Murder suspect inspector found dead

The body of a Police Inspector due to go on trial accused of murdering his wife has been found. Police said they found Garry Weddell's body near Broomhill's Shooting Club, in Markyate, Herts, on Saturday morning.

They are linking the discovery to the death of a second woman whose body was found at a house 11 miles away in Gustard Wood on Saturday. Weddell was due to stand trial in May. The body of his wife was found in their Dunstable home last year. The body of the second woman, who has not yet been formally identified, was found at a house near Wheathampstead. A team of armed police wearing body armour were seen entering the house on Saturday morning.

Looks like Mr perfect citizen shot himself.... This is the measure of some of the lowlife we have enforcing law and order these days whilst good honest Police officers quit in droves. Good riddance.

Pip pip

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