Friday, 18 January 2008

Well fancy that.......

Mick Kent drops in for a chinwag..

The Duke of Kent talks candidly with members of the Scots Guards Battlegroup

Gawds strewth I don't remember it being this warm in Amsterdam, still these Dutch bleeders need a firm hand. What time's the bar open then lads, couldn't lend me a fiver could ya?. Her indoors half inched all one's wonger before one set orf, Suppose you'll all be orf over there to Iraqistan next, can't say I'm too keen on the Far East. They eat dogs doncha know, bloody heathens, he said..

The programme for the visit was busy and the Duke was shown all aspects of the Battlegroup including the Warrior, Bulldog, Challenger, and Desert Hawk. In particular he had the opportunity to fire a Minimi light machine gun and received familiarisation on the Javelin missile system and to wear two sets of CBA at the same time.

At the end of the visit the Duke had supper with the Battalion Field Officers and Warrant Officers. Although deployed on operations it was an opportunity to relax and listen to the Battalion's Pipers. And of course get quite shit faced.

Pip pip

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