Friday, 4 January 2008

Old Bill off to Pakistan.

Despite being utterly inept and impotent to combat serious rising crime in Britain and the concomitant threat from radical Islam notwithstanding the British government deems it more worthwhile to send specialist detectives to Pakistan to 'assist' in the inquiry into the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, an event no one here of right mind gives a shit about. But no matter what the outcome of one thing we can be sure. There will be more Islamic nutters ready willing and more eager than ever to attack us for poking our noses in.

AFP: "President Musharraf told a news conference that uncertainty remained over the exact cause of Ms Bhutto's death. An initial government report said she was killed when a bomb blast caused her head to hit the bullet-proof vehicle she was travelling in at the time. That account has been rejected by Ms Bhutto's supporters.

"One should not give a statement that's 100% final. That's the flaw that we suffer from," Mr Musharraf said, adding that fresh evidence had come to light. He said there had been no lapse in security and that Ms Bhutto had committed a grave breach of security by standing up through the car's sun roof.

Referring to the team of detectives being sent by the UK, he said: "We needed more experience, maybe more forensic and technical experience that our people don't have."

Another clear and unequivocal message from British politicians that we the native people of this Land can go fuck ourselves. It matters not that serious crimes go unsolved in Britain by ever increasing numbers and barbarity, their concerns and priorities lie elsewhere.

Pip pip

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Helena said...

Look on the bright side Colonel the British police will advise on traffic congestion, ban the use of mobiles, shoot a couple of innocent tourists and learn to pronounce "Allah Akhbar" in an authentic accent without bringing up phlegm in copious quantities. They will of course fail to do anything about bringing Bhutto's killers to justice because they have no experience of crime detection.