Friday, 20 June 2008

Corporal Sarah Bryant, Corporal Sean Reeve, Lance Corporal Richard Larkin and Paul Stout killed in Afghanistan

More brave British soldiers sacrificed to global zionism.

Where do we stand as a Nation that sends its Women to be slaughtered?. In our Bible it says it is forbidden to send Women to war. This is simply heart breaking....

Top row: Corporal Sarah Bryant, Corporal Sean Robert Reeve, bottom row: Lance Corporal Richard Larkin and Paul Stout

It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the deaths of Corporal Sarah Bryant of the Intelligence Corps, Corporal Sean Robert Reeve of the Royal Signals, Lance Corporal Richard Larkin and Paul Stout in Afghanistan on Tuesday 17 June 2008.

All four soldiers were tragically killed while taking part in a deliberate operation east of Lashkar Gah when the vehicle in which they were travelling was caught in an explosion at approximately 1540hrs. Another soldier was wounded in the incident and is receiving treatment for his wounds at the UK Field Hospital at Camp Bastion. He is in a stable condition.

Update: Monday June 23rd.

Apparently Corporal Sean Robert Reeve, Lance Corporal Richard Larkin and Paul Stout were a Territorial Army reserve contingent attached to 23 SAS escorting Corporal Sarah Bryant on an intelligence gathering exercise.
A fluent Pashtu speaker Corporal Sarah Bryant was involved in monitoring Taliban mobile communications. All three were flown home to RAF Lyneham where followed a repatriation ceremony today June 23rd.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Greetings Colonel ... I have yet to study your site indepth , but after some reading I feel certain me and you are traveling the same road .

Yes , it is a shame our kinsmen ( and even women now ) are being sacrifised to a beast system and most don't even understand what's happening . In fact , some will attack you for trying to point this out .

( and you would recognize that we are on the
" curses " side of Deuteronomy 28 / see verses 32 - 34 . Have you ever noticed how the blessings side stacks up against the curses side ? Vss. 1 - 14 versus 15 - 68 . Reckon the good Lord knows just how hard headed we are ! )

Why is it when one points out the unholiness and unrighteousness of the wars they choose to engage in , that we are labeled -
unpatriotic , non - supportive , etc. We have been thoroughly conditioned .

This cold reality in no way though detracts from the bravery and courage displayed by the soldiers on the field . But this master cares not for the deaths , casualties and sufferings inflicted upon our people .

I see that you have added my link to your blog , without my asking . Many thanks ( I think yer a first ) . And you asked for nothing in return . So with your permission , I will gladly add yours to mine .

Take care brother , may Christ watch over you 'n yours .

Anonymous said...

I have just read through your entire 'Roll of Honour', what a sad story, all these beautiful young people dead.

I feel just as sad about what is happening in the UK with the muds and pakis taking over large sections of society, its like South Africa all over again, with a bunch of liberal shit bags running the show and turning white Brit kids into multi culti kaffir lovers..too sad!

Everytime i go to London it is more kaffirized then the last time. Just koons and boons on the busses and tube stinking up the place...the further you travel on the tube into the outter suburbs the less whites you see on the tube..spent a weekend with a mate and had to get off at Plaistow and take a bus further up to East Ham, those tenent housing and the open spaces and parks, could have honestly been in the middle of freeking Soweto it was so filthy with rubbish everywhere.