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In 1926, the year the Queen was born, there were 4 mosques in Britain. There are now more than 1,100.

In February 2007, UNICEF released a report stating that the UK was the worst place in the developed world for children to grow up. Family breakdown, drink, drugs and fear of violence have left British kids 21st out of 21 in the happiness table. This despite the fact that Britain is the fourth wealthiest nation in the world. Robert Whelan of Civitas said: “I have seen the evidence piling up for 20 years that married families are better for children than single parents or stepfamilies. The question is how long the Government can close its eyes to the reality.” The United States ranked second bottom in this child welfare table. And yet Blair and Bush think they have the right to export their brutal vision of the perfect society to the rest of the world.

In June 2007, The Times told us that Muhammad is now the second most popular name for baby boys in Britain and is likely to rise to no 1 by next year. The name was shared by 5,991 newborn boys in 2006.

According to the Centre for Policy Studies, as of November 2006, Gordon Brown, the "prudent" Chancellor, had overseen the creation of a British debt mountain totalling £1.34 TRILLION.

More than 2 million pensioners are currently in debt. The banks, credit card companies and global hucksters are currently owed almost £9 billion by this section of society.

According to DAS, Europe’s largest legal expenses insurer, as of September 2007, the total debt of all the world's countries is $485 trillion. However, the world's total Gross Domestic Product is only $60 trillion and, if we all gave every penny we earn for the next 8 years, the world would be still in debt.

The economy of any country that does not go along with the dictats of the lenders can, therefore, be collapsed overnight. The largest debtor nations, the US and the UK, just happen to be those most inclined to make war upon the rest.

According to the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, schizophrenia is 9 times more common in African-Caribbeans and 6 times more common in black Africans than in the white British population.

As of December 2006, one Briton a week was being murdered by a care-in-the community patient. 25 of these kill themselves every week. Until the early 1990s, they would all have been safely locked away in a secure asylum where some of them would have been successfully treated. Many would then have left the system, neither a threat to themselves or the community-at-large.

During his final Labour Party Conference address, Tony Blair said this: "30 million people now come to Britain every year… Yet we have no means of checking who is here lawfully." 10 years as the boss and he never bothers to introduce a system which might tell us who should be here and who shouldn't? Not a great idea if you care about the British, I'd say.

662,000 immigrants were given the right to work and claim benefits in Britain in 2005. Thus, more than a million were given the right to be here in just two years.

In 2004, asthma caused more than 67,700 people to be admitted into English hospitals. On 4 February 2008, News 24 told us that 5.2 million people in the UK now have asthma.

A 2006 article in a Polish magazine estimated that a million Poles had moved to the UK since 2004. In February 2007, we were told that 6,000,000 Eastern Europeans had travelled to Britain since since the EU's borders were thrown open! This figure was 10 times higher than that acknowledged by ministers. In 2006 alone nearly 2.8 million visitors arrived from the 8 countries that joined Europe in 2004. In that year, the government assured us that no more than 13,000 migrant workers would come.

More than 90,000 of Britain's corner shops, high street stores and other retail outlets are, now, owned and run by Asian shopkeepers.

Extrapolating from Home Office homicide statistics for the 3 years 2002/3 to 2004/5, and from population data from the 2001 census: a black person was 110 times more likely to kill a white person in Britain than vice-versa during this period. Likewise an individual Asian was 20.5 times more likely. These figures were compiled before 1 black man and 3 Asians slaughtered 52 Londoners in July 2005.

According to a Daily Telegraph poll, about 400,000 British Muslims sympathise with the views of the London suicide bombers.

About 24 million Muslims now live in Europe. In 1950 only 800,000 lived in our continent.

Tony Blair's government employs 3,259 press officers. (Spin doctors) The Central Office of Information's PR, advertising and marketing budget rose from £111 million in 1997 to £322 million in 2005.

In Britain, more than 5,000 children were born to Polish parents in 2005.

In the anti-immigrant wake of the murder of right-wing Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, 20,000 Somalis left the Netherlands and moved to Leicester and Birmingham.

There are more Malawian doctors in Manchester than there are in the whole of Malawi.

About 50,000 people work in the British "Race-Relation" industry.

A 2005 report estimated that up to 34,000 patients die every year in Britain as a result of a medical blunder.

The number of students from new EU accession states gaining places in British universities has risen 5-fold in less than 3 years. As the same time as this is happening, tuition-fees are pricing the British lower and middle classes out of university.

According to a 2006 survey, one-in-three drivers on British roads are driving illegally. In 2005, 3,201 people were killed on Britain's roads.

In 1996, 85 per cent of women in UK brothels were UK citizens. In 2006, 85 per cent are foreigners.

As of July 2006, ethnic minorities made up more than 38 per cent of head office staff at the Home Office.

Thus, to run our country, New Labour has been recruiting ethnic minority staff at a rate almost 5 times more than their incidence in the general population. Along the way, exams have had to be made easier and more talented and intelligent staff from the native population were routinely passed over for employment and promotion.

In the British parliament that sat from 2001 to 2005, of the 20 Northern Irish seats in Parliament, non-Irish MPs occupied none of them.

Of the 72 Scottish seats in Parliament, non-Scottish MPs occupied no more than four. Of the 40 Welsh seats in Parliament, non-Welsh MPs occupied no more than five. However, of the 530+ English seats in Parliament, more than 130 were occupied by non-English MPs.

Half of all British born black men have white partners.

In Britain, an average of 55 homicides and 1,300 suicides are committed each year by people who have been in contact with mental health services during the previous year.

In October 2007, The Daily Express reported thus: "Mass migration into the UK is 'a big problem,' according to three-quarters of Britons. Half the nation also believes that control of the huge numbers flowing in and out of the country is 'the most worrying issue'... A Mori poll showed that only four per cent of the public think immigration is not a problem."

In October 2007, a Government housing survey told us that 309,000 non-British families live in 386,400 council houses and flats. The estimated cost of providing such properties £19billion. A quarter of privately-rented homes are also occupied by foreigners. Aliens cannot be denied access to social housing under existing British and EU law. Around 1.5million people are thought to be waiting for a council property, the vast majority of whom are native Britons.

In October 2007, the BBC told us this: "exposure to cleaning products could account for as much as 15% of adult asthma cases... on average, the risk is 30-50% higher in people who regularly used the sprays than in others".

In October 2007, The Telegraph told us this: "More than half of all new jobs have gone to foreigners since Labour came to power... Britain is at the bottom of a European league of countries for getting jobs for its own citizens."

Between 1997 and 2006, 54% (862,000) of all new jobs were taken by foreigners, compared to just 731,000 by the British. Thus, the number of Britons in the workforce went up by 2.8% as the number of foreigners went up by 90%!

THEY are at war with us ladies and gentlemen. THEY really are.

As of October 2007, in 800 secondary schools, fewer than 30 per cent of 16-year-olds achieve 5 or more good GCSEs.

Between 1997 and 2006, 862,000 of the newly created jobs in Britain, 54 per cent of the total, were taken by foreigners. Thus, during Tony Blair's time in power, the number of Britons in the workforce went up by 2.8 per cent, compared to a 90 per cent increase in the number of foreigners.

In March, 2002, Prince Charles said that 25 percent of the homeless people in Britain were ex-servicemen.

When Tony Blair came to power there were 43,720 homeless families in England. In 2005, there were 101,030.


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