Monday, 30 June 2008

A touch of the old 'Delhi Belly'...

My weekend trip to the agricultural districts to visit my old mate has left one with an unfortunate, most uncomfortable and hopefully short lived dose of the squirts. Seems the local water supply there is infested with Cryptosporidium which is a zoonotic parasitic organism of the spirochete family transfered by contact with untreated sewage and Human or animal feces. Truly Britain is spiraling down the lavatory bowl to the third world. The local water authority has leafleted every household in the region but to late for many, your truly included.

Anyway, after reaching for my bugout bag, a couple of days on a cocktail of 3000 milligrams a day of Oxytetracycline and 500 milligrams twice daily of Erythromycin and drinking Iodine sterilized and boiled sugar and salt water solution and sucking those vile creosote pastilles I am on the mend.

There isn't much you can say really, is there?.

I must remember to put another toilet roll in the fridge...

Pip pip

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