Sunday, 8 June 2008

Fancy that..

My friend from the agricultural district conveys some interesting news regarding one aspect of the proposed development and expansions planned there by WNDC.

West Northamptonshire Development Corporation, has objected to plans to construct more than 5,000 homes outside Daventry. The scheme for Danetree village consists of 5,150 houses, three primary schools and one senior school as well as shops, offices and restaurants on land to the east of the town. In documents which will be submitted to an official planning inquiry, WNDC said: "It would result in unacceptable development outside the existing built up area of Daventry." WNDC has also raised concerns about traffic. Its views will be heard at a planning inquiry in January.The inquiry was called after the consortium of developers behind the scheme objected to the time it was taking Daventry District Council to make a decision.


Rumour has it that the recent BNP election result which was a subject of interest as expressed by local Tory MP Tim Boswell in a recent parliamentary session, has left some people in a quandary over the best course of action in the short term.

Just goes to show that when the BNP come to town people really do take notice.

Pip pip

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