Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Exactly who is the BNP web designer, Ray Charles??

The last layout was bad enough but today it seems the whole thing has just gone to pot.

What am I referring to?. Why, the BNP web site of course. I have had numerous emails today from fellow Tux users asking if I have noticed anything wrong with the thing and to be honest I hadn't since I have not been there for a few days so I went over and had a look. The front page is about nine feet long and two inches wide. Shambolic !!.

Believe it or not I used to be in web design and so proficient was I everything I did was in notepad. No WYSIWIG Dream weaver or Front page for moi. Like everyone else in the game that was any good and therefore expensive I was out sourced....

Their pages are constructed using unconstrained layers which derive all their attributes from CSS which in Mozilla browsers such as firefox, netscape, opera etc means they simply drop to bits. Instead of a well proportioned layout you end up with a collage. It may if your lucky work in IE but since IE is not (not sure if you know this) fully standards compliant it is idiotic to code a page just for IE. It is the easiest thing in the world to build a page that is cross browser compatible if you know what your doing and if you do actually use a suite like Dream weaver it actually takes care of those issues for you. Like any other code web pages also need to be tested and de-bugged to make sure they work and don't cause client problems before finally being let loose. Someone is quite obviously clueless.

It's been a damned long time since I criticized anyones web design but the BNP web site has been consistently the worst coded web site on the net for to long and it's time someone called them on it. In all honesty the only web site that ever fails to render properly out of the thousands I visit is that of the BNP. I only hope someone points it out to them before I do but I doubt they will take notice of any of us.


I have been asked about standards compliance so to avoid a lengthy technical discussion I am providing a link which explains in simple terms and by use of a table shows which browsers are HTML standards compliant and these which are 'compatible' and by what level. IE is some way behind the Mozilla based HTML compliant browsers such as Firefox, Netscape and Opera etc. The BNP web team would do well to read it and understand it.......


Pip pip


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

You sound like you know what yer talking about Colonel , but I aint got a clue !

You thinking someone is purposely sabotaging yall's efforts at nationalism ? Or making them less than effective at best ?

Get on 'em then !

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Nah, I just think the web designer is a moron. It looks OK in Internet explorer but I don't use it and 25% of web users and counting don't use it either.

Just forces folks to use Window$. You would think a 'Nationalist' party would have got that angle covered wouldn't you?..

Me, I'm Linux to the bone :)