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Home Office predicts anarchy in leaked memo..

Link: SMITH: Secret warning leaked

Monday September 1,2008

By Macer Hall, Express Political editor.

BRITAIN is facing an explosion of violent crime and illegal immigration sparked by Labour’s economic crisis, a leaked Home Office memo to Gordon Brown revealed last night.

Violent attacks are set to soar by up to a fifth in a growing climate of disorder on the streets, the Prime Minister has been warned. Smuggling is tipped to rise significantly and unscrupulous employers are expected to turn increasingly to illegal foreign workers to cut costs.

Ministers are also being warned of potential inter-racial strife, an upsurge in racist extremism and even terrorism as community relations come under strain in difficult economic times. Budgets for policing and border control are expected to be slashed by falling tax revenues, potentially leading to cuts in police officers and border guards.

The disturbing portrait of spiralling social anarchy is set out in a document prepared by staff in Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s office specifically for Mr Brown’s eyes. This rips the veil off the complacent comments we have been getting from Home Office ministers about how their performance is improving. Last night the Tories seized on the leak as evidence that the Home Office remains in crisis, while law and order could be further undermined by Labour’s economic mismanagement.

Senior Tory Damian Green said: “This rips the veil off the complacent comments we have been getting from Home Office ministers about how their performance is improving. “It is clear that in almost all areas of the Home Office things are going to get worse.”

The leaked memo from the Home Office is titled: “Responding to Economic Challenges.” It is thought to be among a number of documents commissioned from Whitehall departments by Number 10 to examine potential consequences of the worsening economy.

The leak follows Chancellor Alistair Darling’s claim at the weekend that the economy is facing its biggest challenge “for 60 years”. The memo warns that the strength of the economy and its performance compared to other countries “are key drivers of crime and migration respectively”.

It says: “Officials anticipate that a harsher economic climate will see a rise in criminality, including burglaries, robberies and violence. An economic downturn could mean an increase in illegal working if migrants’ opportunities for legal working decline and employers are seeking to save costs.”

Anger toward migrants could breed extremism and encourage neo-Nazi organisations. And the backlash could fuel radicalisation among immigrant communities, such as young Muslims turning to Islamist terrorism. “There is a possibility that it will increase the pool of those susceptible to radicalisation,” the memo says. (Oh dear looks like it's going to be whiteys fault again. Who would have thought it?.)

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said last night: “It is deeply disturbing that a department as shambolic as the Home Office already is facing such problems as a result of the economic downturn. It is patently not equipped to cope. Why haven’t they prepared for this?. “Now we see that the consequences of Gordon Brown’s complete mismanagement of the economy will not just hit hard-working families in the pocket but will also threaten their security and safety.”

The Home Office claimed the leaked version was an early draft. A spokeswoman said: “We are confident that we have the right systems in place to respond flexibly to changing economic needs.”

Isn't it interesting that no matter what happens it's always OUR fault. Yet no one is ever willing or able to answer the obvious and perpetually recurring question, the question on everyones lips given that as it may be, why do the bastards still flock here by the million if it is really such an unendurable ordeal for them?.

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R. Bight-McFry said...

Ultimately, there are only two ways it can go, either the Kuffars implement a final solution to the Muslim problem, or the Muslims implement a final solution to the Kuffar problem.

It's a race against time as to which occurs first.

- R. Bight-McFry