Tuesday, 30 December 2008

American Gulag: Fact or Fiction..

For quite some time the stories about concentration camps springing up the length and breadth of the US have continued to flourish but have remained for the most part, considered to be the ideas of those deranged right-wing conspiracy theorists. This despite the increasing evidence of support. Now these REX-84 camps as they are officially know have their own Wikipedia pages.

A whole raft of material comes up at Google but I would really appreciate information on the alleged camps seen springing up in Europe such as this one below, built under the guise of a Migrant Detention Center, when in reality all of the 'Migrants' just wander freely past as they make their way, predominantly to soft touch Britain.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Hey Colonel - love yer new banner ! Give 'em both barrels !

They'll always try and explain these camps away as government training facilities or such. Pretty obvious who is the intended guests.

Days of change indeed approaches.