Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nottingham School Cancels Christmas to Make Way for Islamic Cult of the Dead Paedophile

A Nottingham School has cancelled Christmas festivities to make way for commemoration of the Muslim Eid festival, according to the Nottingham Evening Post.

In a decision so offensive that it would scarcely have been believed only a few years ago, a letter was sent to parents of children at Greenwood Junior School, Sneinton, to explain why the school had cancelled Christmas.

The letter from “The staff at Greenwood Junior School”, said: “It is with much regret that we have had to cancel this year’s Christmas performances. This is due to the Eid celebrations that take place next week and its effect on our performers.” The school has not revealed what the performance involved, but parents described it as a nativity play.

According to the Evening Post, the Head Teacher, one Amber Latif, and the Chair of Governors, responded to complaints from parents by sending a second letter which apologised, but also compounded the original offence by explaining that the Christmas performances would be staged in the New Year. The letter continued in the following terms:

“We are a very inclusive school and fully respect the cultures and religions of all the children. We are upset to know that some of our parents/carers have been offended by the letter. The Christmas performance has not been cancelled outright but has been postponed until the New Year.”

This unprecedented event speaks for itself and any further comment from us is largely superfluous, save for the single observation that such outrages will inevitably progress from the exception to the norm, if Britain fails to embrace the BNP and continues its present headlong plunge into the abyss.

Does your child attend ‘The School that Cancelled Christmas?’ Did you receive the Scrooge letter? Please contact the BNP National Enquiry Line on 0871 0500232 and they will do everything they can to help you fight for your children’s British culture and heritage.


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