Sunday, 21 December 2008

Happy Holidays?

Like many millions of web users Google is my home page and today as it popped into view I looked somewhat bemused at today's logo depicting a bespectacled old man wondering what it meant. The Alt text says "Happy Holidays 2008!". Christmas has gone......

Suddenly it dawned on me, if God does not exist, if Yahshua is not the Christ, if the white western European nations and the peoples thereof are not the true people of the covenant, if religion is truly irrelevant and without foundation, then why therefore is the establishment media, every facet of the government and every other secular entity balls out to destroy every vestige of Christian morality, decency and spiritual faith, it's teachings and understandings and moreover, destroy those white western European nations which built their respective homelands upon that very faith, it's morals, teachings and understandings?.

Don't tell me it is because we are more intellectually sophisticated and enlightened and generally 'better' now than before because I will laugh in your face. No my friends, it is because truth is being suppressed and that means all truth. Social, political, racial or spiritual, all is being subverted, under-mined, devalued and denied. Truth has become lies and lies have become truth and that truth includes the truth of who we are as much as anything else.

Our once moral country has become "a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird" as it says in Revelation 18:2 and when I see the images of drunken partially clad females laying in the street shit-faced after another Saturday night clubbing I wonder if the reference to 'detestable birds' might not have more than one possible inference.

It's time to put down your toys and grow up folks.........

Pip pip

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Excellent post and thoughts Colonel .
Indeed , why do they expend so much time , effort 'n funds to destroy something ...
unless it's in their continuing interest to do so . To them we pose a legitimate threat .

The white race and our God Jesus Christ -therein lies their only real concern or worry. The only Kingdom that will turn their world upside down .
This is "the root of evil" they must dig out to buy more time .

I believe a good portion of them understand 'n believe the Word , although they hate Him with passion . But I'm convinced they knew that their best chance of destroying us was by getting our God to do the job for them .

( isn't it always - use an enemy to kill an enemy with them ? )

How ? Just by convincing (tricking)us to disobey His Word/Law , then sitting back and watching it all unfold just as God promised it would .

Destruction for us - temporal elevated position and power for them .
They're evil but they're not stupid .

For what is it we are to seek but Gods Kingdom here on earth . Did not Christs' proclaimations and teachings thus lead to His crucifixion ?

Was He not hounded and persecuted by the jew so severely that He quit going to certain areas ? As were the disciples .

Did He not tell His faithful to expect the same treatment ?

More than likely it was some earlier version of the ADL or JDL , taking tales and fabrications to the authorities ... who acting in collusion works to imprison or snuff out the dissidents . Then and now .
They know how to work the crowd .

It is particularly saddening to see our youth so far removed from any racial awareness or interest , let alone from pursuing a Godly society . We must clear our heads and learn there is hope .

Most seem to have no clue of what's heading this way , nor do they care . They are caught up in the multi - culti world and loving every minute of it.
The collateral damage will be extensive.

Sorry to ramble on so much .. haven't dropped ya a word inna while . Hope all yers 'r well and are blessed with safe togetherness this years end . May Christ ever be with ya brother .