Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Illegal Immigrant Spongers Get Free Cell Phones Courtesy of the British Taxpayer

Hundreds of illegal immigrants and foreign prisoners facing deportation are being handed free mobile phones while they are locked up, the Home Office as officially confirmed.

More than 200 illegal immigrants and former foreign prisoners at the Campsfield Removal Centre outside Oxford are being given free mobile phones so they can contact their families or lawyers.

According to the Home Office website, other facilities put on for the foreign lawbreakers at Campsfield include:

* A well equipped library where detainees have access to an array of books, papers and other reading material.

* Internet access

* PlayStation/games room

* Pool/table tennis room

* Sports hall and also a gymnasium where equipment is provided for use.

* Multi-purpose room which caters for different venues including: drama workshops, arcade games, and also features a large drop down screen to enable en masse viewing of movies and sports events.

* Outside activities include cricket, football and volleyball. There is also a small garden area which is well tended by the detainees.

* Chapel, Muslim prayer room and multi faith room.

* Education — English, arts and crafts and IT.

* A variety of classes that may interest the detainees including art, written and oral English and drama.

* 24 hour medical care is provided on site, local GP visits daily Mon- Fri and has an on-call service. There is no hospital care available which means the facilities do not cater for severe medical cases, referral is therefore required (to the duty manager) of any special needs criteria before allocating at Campsfield.

* There are paid work opportunities available. Posts include: kitchen assistants, dining room assistants, library assistants, classroom assistants, buddies, cleaners, painters etc.

Pay up, British taxpayer, you have scroungers from all over the world to support.


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The Green Arrow said...

No wonder the government is cutting back on treatment of our elderly.

They need the money for their "guests".

When I think of pensioners going cold and hungry I fume at these kind of reports.