Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thanks Fiona. Fancy a..........

This is the luvly Fiona Edwards, without her rose tinted specs on. Fiona is sadly at the moment a 'left winger' as they say and lives on the outskirts of Cloud Cuckoo land. I recently posted a comment on her tax payer sponsored Sheffield University stoodint union blog and dear Fiona was kind enough to leave it up !!.

Anyway, in recognition of her fair minded magnanimity I would like to say thanks to Fiona and invite her round for a no expense spared evening of Tennent's Super (chilled) and Kettle Chips (lightly sea salted) followed by a generous helping of Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot's finest home cured Pork Sword.

Just drop me an email Fiona, and I'll be putty in your hands ;)

Pip pip

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