Monday, 25 May 2009

Why are liberals so perverse?

Liberals like to give the impression they are tolerant of others and their various points of view. That is until someone challenges their ideas and forces them to face the consequences of their dreadful left-wing agenda, then they become furious, aggressive, vindictive and sometimes downright violent. Liberals, although a minority, have gained control over the mass media, local government and education. For so long have they been able to inflict their nation-wrecking programme on the long-suffering British public that they believe they have a God-given right to do so.

Of course they do not drive the liberal agenda, like people possessed, merely for ideological reasons. One cannot get any public service job, with its attendant lucrative pension, without showing eagerness for everything that is left-wing, degenerate and subversive. Fair-mindedness, honesty, integrity and most importantly national loyalty have to be abandoned to remain employed anywhere in the public sector. There is such unease among liberals at the prospect of losing their job over a politically incorrect remark, that they feel the need to spit venom at anyone who complains about such things as known killers and potential terrorists being let into our country in the form of asylum seekers.

Why is it that liberals seem remarkably, unconcerned regarding the illegal, bombing, killing and mayhem that has taken place in Iraq? Gordon Brown is equally guilty as Tony Blair over that monstrous decision to attack Iraq, which has seen many thousands of innocent men, women and children killed, (many blown to pieces), towns devastated and the country now in a state of civil war - yet liberals without condemnation, are quite prepared to see the hardly-liberal, ex-Chancellor become Prime Minister.

Liberals show little concern for the plight of the elderly British, particularly those who have to get by on such a small amount of money that they are at risk of dying either through hypothermia, hunger, depression or neglect. But to suggest that a single asylum seeker should be denied entry to the UK, and his right to be kept at the taxpayer's expense, brings forth from liberals extreme indignation followed by spurious venom. This strange behaviour can be explained by the nature of their employment, which is often in schools or some form of public administration. Here every week they are bombarded with glossy literature, (paid for by the taxpayer) informing them as gospel, such things as " immigration has been good for Britain", Asylum seekers contribute greatly to this country" and that "a kindred spirit and desire to protect ones own people is evil, racist and the work of the devil." They are also informed in a biblical-like way that "the promotion of Race-mixing and homosexuality are essential for a successful society and that these two options should be made near compulsory in an ideal liberal society." That the practice of mixed-race sexual encounters and widespread homosexuality threaten the continuance of the white race, and can therefore be classified as genocide, an act made illegal by the United Nations, never occurs to supposedly well-meaning liberals.


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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Never ceases to amaze me that those who can spew forth such unwarranted, virulent hatred for the "evil white separatist" folk (even though we can thoroughly document piles of reasons why it's necessary for our survival), will bend over backwards and cry crocodile tears for all the criminal, low life heathens of the world. And come up with excuse after excuse after ...

We thinks it's gonna come back and bite 'em in the ass soon enough ! And hope they enjoy the fruit of their labors.

Hope you are well and safe these days Colonel. Sound investment your rope factory there !