Thursday, 28 May 2009

Frogs invite Obongo to 'D' Day commemorations. Tell Queen 'foutre le camp'.

Neither the Queen nor any other member of the Royal family will attend D-Day commemorations in France next week, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

Unelected one eyed Prime Minister and rent boy aficionado Gordon Arse Tunneller Brown will represent the UK in Normandy on 6 June, 65 years on from the landings that helped defeat Germany.

US President Bollock Obongo will join Juif French president Nicolarse Bâtard Sarkozy for commemorations at the American Cemetery in Normandy. A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed the situation on Thursday. British veterans will hold their main memorial event at the Arromanches landing beaches, where thousands of troops poured ashore on 6 June and during the following days. A Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance, at Bayeaux Cathedral, will also be held. No royals would go because they had not been invited, Buckingham Palace said.

"Neither the Queen nor any other members of the royal family will be attending the D-Day commemorations on June 6 as we have not received an official invitation to any of these events. For the 60th anniversary of the invasion in 2004, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales all attended commemoration events in France.

Send the RAF over and bomb 'em back to the fucking stone age I say..

Pip pip

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