Monday, 25 May 2009

More Police car fatalities

Simon Beaton, an all-round sportsman, was killed as a result of a police car driver's inexperience and stupidity. The car in question was at the time of the fatal accident racing in the dark, on the wrong side of the road and had no siren sounding or blue lights flashing.

What was the great urgency which caused these officers to put road-users lives at risk? They were in pursuit of some youngsters who had thrown a stone at a glasshouse window. This one story encapsulates all of the problems created by liberal and socialist post-60s "modernizers".

Very few police officers driving patrol cars have had the specialised training needed to drive safely at high speeds. Most patrol drivers are no better than the average motorist, and yet they carry out manoeuvres for which the ordinary driver would be banned. Then, in modern-day Britain, where all standards have fallen dramatically, very few workers carrying out skilled professional work can be considered either skilled or professional.

Crime was at a much lower rate when regular beat officers patrolled an area they knew well on foot. They were on first- name terms with many of the residents, and, had stones been thrown at a glasshouse, they would have known which boys would have been the likely culprits. Young rascals who commit such acts of vandalism know how to move behind hedges, sneak through alleys and disappear into blocks of flats. A policeman on foot would be unlikely to catch them, but a police car speeding through the dark would stand no chance at all.

Crime levels are much higher now than in the 1950s. There are two obvious reasons for this. Firstly, most children have been brought up without discipline, few have been taught right from wrong, or been made responsible for their actions. This failing, coupled with liberalised forms of punishment, has nurtured criminal activity. Secondly, Parliament has brought millions of badly-behaved immigrants and criminals into Britain. These undesirables have not only committed serious crimes, but introduced a dangerous anti-social, sub-culture. Politically-correct zealots have been specially appointed to positions such as police chiefs and judges so as to ensure that the destruction of our race and nation continues.


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