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Truth will come out in the end - a closer look at Winston Churchill


Nicholas Soames is peeved because American author Nicholson Baker has written about events in Winston Churchill's life that the family would rather keep hushed up. The author, whose book has been praised in America, tells of a memo sent by Churchill in 1920, when as Minister for War he wrote that he advocated drastic action against rebels in Iraq, saying "I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas."

The author also cites an example of Churchill's inhumanity, when during the Second World War he said "One of our great aims is the delivery on German towns of the largest quantity of bombs per night." One could also cite how Churchill failed to evacuate the City of Coventry when he knew beforehand the night on which it was to be heavily bombed, or how he sent hundreds of Canadian soldiers over a ridge to a certain death, straight on to German guns. This order prompted Adolf Hitler to write in his diary, something to the effect of, I cannot understand the inhumanity of the man.

The British public, angry at Churchill's warmongering, ditched him at the earliest opportunity. That time came when he was heavily defeated at the first post-war general election. But enough of the past for the moment. What of the current Churchill family?

Although a long-term sitting MP and one-time Minister for the Armed Forces, what exactly has Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill's grandson, contributed to the defence of our nation over the past forty years? Precisely nothing! He has sat back, living a life of luxury, watching as Britain has been invaded by hordes of aliens. He has presided over our loss of sovereignty and passively watched as our homeland has been turned into something akin to a violent third-world hell-hole from which thousands of Britons are desperate to escape. As an ex-defence Minister he should know something of the military. Much to his shame, he did nothing to prevent our armed forces from being illegally deployed in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Winston Churchill, another grandson spoke of a collection of pygmies trying to knock Churchill off his pedestal. Despite the media hype, Churchill was never regarded by most troops as the great hero he has been made out to be. Many regular soldiers had no time for him, but they did respect Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. At least he was prepared to join them in the thick of battle. Parents often name their children after people they admire. There are many boys from the wartime generation named Bernard, but there doesn't appear to be one called Winston. The only Winston's anyone encounters seem to be West Indians.

Around twelve years ago, the younger Winston Churchill raised a warning about the lengthy queues of immigrants waiting to get into the UK. Immediately, a large amount of money from public funds was awarded to him for some documents belonging to his famous grandfather. It seemed unlikely there would be any of Winston's documents that had not already been examined and copied. Unable to judge the situation, many nationalists decided to watch and wait. If he never broached the subject of immigration again, it could be surmised he had been bought off. Well, judge for yourself. He hasn't raised the subject since.

Apart from leading Europe into a war from which it has never properly recovered, Winston Churchill's second great crime was making Communism appear respectable to a large percentage of the middle classes. This he did by making a friend and ally of the mass-murderer and Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin. Churchill also enlisted the help of thousands of Communist thugs whom he used to silence the English anti-war movement. Those anti-British Communist groups, mainly aliens, have been turned into heroes by the left-wing media.

Many of the anti-war protesters were fine men who had fought gallantly in the First World War. They bitterly regretted the high cost in European lives that resulted from that pointless conflict. It was these knowledgeable, courageous and patriotic men and women who should have been governing Britain. Instead, the anti-British and anti-European alliance had many hundreds of our finest men arrested and sent to jail, with neither a charge made against them or the possibility of a trial. No doubt the warmongers were prompted into this act of treachery by Joseph Stalin.

Throughout the post-war period, intellectuals, students, liberals and, it seems almost the entire establishment have developed an unhealthy belief in Communism. As a result, the anti-white programme they have propounded has reduced our once-great nation to a shadow of its former self. The permanent damage that Winston Churchill did to Europe and the wider world is enormous, far beyond the comprehension of most people.

Churchill never was the conservative saviour of Britain that those who wrote the history books would have us believe. He was a life-long liberal with close connections to the most scurrilous international financiers, including Bernard Baruch. It was for them that he railroaded Europe into war, and for them that he championed the Zionist/Communist cause. Today the world is ruled by anti white European, and anti-Christian organisations, and more than anyone it was Winston Churchill who gave them that power.

As the Second World War was drawing to a close the "warleader" had sleepless nights worrying over the fact that he had been responsible for the growth of the Soviet menace. True, Winston Churchill was the first public figure to warn of "an iron curtain descending over Europe". But then he had spent enough time agonising over the advances the Soviet Union and global red menace had been able to make, due to his help.

Since 1939 it has been claimed that our parents and grandparents went to war to defend their country. They did nothing of the kind. Winston Churchill acted as a front man for various self-interested groups, including bankers, Zionists, Communists and profiteers. The "internationalist"-war that he started on their behalf, has led to the near destruction of our nation, and not its salvation. Those who were taken in by the "Churchill was a great man" nonsense should realise that history books are written by the victors, and the winners were neither the British nor the Germans.

Also see, Churchill's role in sinking the Lusitania, which brought the USA into WW1

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Anonymous said...

Very good article colonel,we need more people to tell the truth about Churchill the drunken,Zionists puppet.

Millions of our Aryan brothers died to make a small number of Zionists billionaires.

It makes me sick that many people are still ignorant to the facts and even today another of our soldiers died fighting a Zionist war.