Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Sad State of our Yoof II

I recently received an email from an old mate concerning a new craze in his area known a Roof Hopping.
Apparently the local chav inbreeds commit criminal trespass by climbing onto the roofs of factories and industrial units unhindered and unchallenged by the local Bill and then try to jump from building to building. What the point of this Neanderthal behaviour is I can't quite grasp but more astonishing is the fact that we are not talking about little kids, we are referring to what are, or should be to all intents and purposes, young adults in their mid to late teens and who should really know better and should have outgrown this kind of childlike idiocy.

Anyway one cunt happily went through an asbestos roof and fell to his timely death ridding the world of his worthless presence. However it now appears that his family and friends are up in arms because the local authority has refused them permission to put up a memorial to this fucknut so they have lodged a complaint. What they should all get is Euthanasia.

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Honestly you couldn't make this up.

Pip pip

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