Friday, 15 February 2008

Two young cousins found hanged. Guess Where..

Two young cousins from Bridgend have been found hanged within hours of each other, it has been confirmed. Nathaniel Pritchard, 15, died in hospital after "harming himself".

Kelly Stephenson, 20, who had been told her cousin was in a serious condition, was found hanged while on holiday in Kent. Police said it was too early to say how the deaths were linked.

It brings the number of apparent suicides among young people in the Bridgend area to 16 in the past year.

Bridgend AM Carwyn Jones said: "It's important to understand that there is no link between the recent suicides in Bridgend, and each new death needs to be investigated individually. "Obviously, I pass my sympathy to the families of Nathaniel Pritchard and Kelly Stephenson on their double loss."

South Wales Police are reviewing suicides among young people in the Bridgend area over the last year. A taskforce is also examining suicides in the county since 2004. (I have been told it is the teen suicide capital of Britain).

This place is seriously fucked up if you ask me. Sinister just 'aint the word for it. But then if you look at the fuckwits running the place and the shenanigans going on such as the story below regarding the Orificers of South Wales Police is it any wonder...

This country is mortally sick and although it may sound tactless and even callous in this thread to suggest it given the subject matter, it is my belief that figuratively speaking, only death and rebirth can salvage this once great nation now.

Pip pip

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