Monday, 4 February 2008

UK terror cell live on Hand outs..

The News of the World today reports on the disturbing story of a Muslim British National claiming benefits whilst supporting “A LOT OF JIHAD” from his £350,000 home - funded by the tax payer…

A MUSLIM fanatic is funding terrorists killing British troops in Afghanistan while spongeing off our state benefits, the News of the World can reveal.

Gloating extremist Mohammed Nawaz Raja (above left) runs a network of door-to-door money-raisers collecting thousands for his fake ‘charity’.

But householders who stump up thinking they are supporting a religious school are being duped into buying weapons for the Taliban. The evil godfather of terror claims to have sent them hundreds of thousands of pounds. Incredibly Nawaz, who owns a five-bedroom £350,00 house, is himself being funded by the taxpayer. He pockets £250-a-week in handouts — and boasts: “I’m a British national. The government pays me to live.”

And referring to his “charity” he adds chillingly: “We are supporting a lot of jihad (holy war) organizations. They need our support. They have to buy weapons!”

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British National Party link..

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