Sunday, 17 February 2008

Is it today Lord?..

Is it today Lord?. The title of the old Strawbs song from Grave New World echoes in my thoughts just about every morning when I wake up. Is it today Lord when the proverbial straw that breaks the Camels back is laid upon the long suffering people of this once great nation and it all finally kicks off when the filth that are dragging us into the abyss are sent packing and the arse tunnellers that have brought us to this situation are held to account.

When I read of yet another example such as this I know that day cannot be far off....but then again..

“Up to 1,500 Iraqis are to be airlifted to Britain after ministers agreed to grant sanctuary to the interpreters who worked for our forces. In a multi-million pound operation starting in April, the translators and their families will be flown here in groups of 100 every fortnight until the autumn. They will then go to a hotel west of London for a few days before being resettled in two northern cities. There they will receive free housing and benefits to help them start their new lives. It is understood officials are liasing with the police about possible “community tensions” caused by the mass arrival of so many Iraqis. There are said to be concerns about the background of a number of family members due to come here under the resettlement scheme.”

Why is it necessary to relocate them to Britain? Why can’t they be relocated in an Islamic country such as Kuwait or Saudi Arabia - one supportive of the invasion of Iraq? Which two lucky northern cities have been earmarked to receive them and, as we are to pick up the bill, aren’t we entitled to have answers to these questions?

And isn’t it true that the vast majority of these people are not Anglophiles - merely unemployed Iraqi opportunists, who in the immediate aftermath of the war offered their linguistic skills to the winning side in return for remuneration?

All this, of course, is down to Labour lies and meddling in world affairs that have nothing to do with the interests of our country! The Daily Mail report may be read: HERE

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