Friday, 15 February 2008

COP a load of this.....

The colourful fag flag shown in the above image was recently spotted flying on the fagpole flagpole outside Bridgend police station in South Wales by an BNP member. Can anyone identify what fag flag it is because folks are having a little difficulty in identifying it?.

Inspector Arse Tunneller was unavailable for comment despite people trying to 'Ring him up' about it. In fact one bloke said he had been trying to 'Ring him up' all day but he was having no luck, despite another saying that he and the Inspector had been 'Ringing each other up' for years with no problem at all..

Pip pip

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Blue_eyed_peas_in_one_pod said...

maybe someone was trying to come out of the closet?thats a crackup and so "gay" lmao B-)