Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Migration Chronicles, an introduction

For a few weeks now it has been my intention to post the serialized migration chronicles by Eli James which are simply a brief synopsis with links pertaining to providing the reader with links to reputable sources of information concerning the origins of the white western European (Caucasian) peoples of the world, but due to holidays and other commitments as well as my own inertia I have not yet done so. However over the next couple of days I will insert parts 1 to 3 in ascending order and hopefully continue to the conclusion of the series, however long that may be.

Whether or not you concur with the Christian Identity message or are of one of the myriad false Jewdeo-Christian (oxymoron) groups or whether you have no faith or belief structure at all is of absolutely no relevance. What truly matters is that the historical record concerning the origins of the Caucasian race and the biblical account and the implications therein are both immutable and verifiable fact. Sadly in these oppressive politically correct days, knowledge that was well known and understood by our forbears has become forbidden knowledge and imparting it is fraught with danger which again proves the point that any information so vehemently and often violently suppressed by the current establishment must be based upon truth......

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