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The Migration Chronicles Part 3


The House of Omri

To all: The Caucasus Mountains are located directly between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In 745 BC, the Ten Northern Tribes were taken captive by the Assyrians and relocated to Media, which is today known as Armenia. In order to evade their captors, these Israelites migrated through the Dariel Pass of the Caucasus Mountains and became known as the the Goths, Cimmerians, Germans, Scythians, Angles, Seubians, etc. The locals still call this pass the "Pass of Israel" today. My family derives from the Seubians (probably the Tribe of Simeon), which, at one time, occupied Europe all the way from the Caucasus Mountains to Spain. These migrations are easily demonstrated from historical records. But since these Israelites dispersed across all of Europe, they became known by their various tribal names as well as by their ancient name, SAXON, meaning Isaac's Sons (Gen. 21:12). Although the claim of the identity of the Israelites with the Anglo-Saxons sounds incredible to the uninitiated, no one has ever refuted these facts. And the Jews are loathe to broach this subject.

Eli James

Item #1: Excerpt From WH Bennett's masterpiece: The Story of Celto-Saxon Israel:

Item #2: Omri, Gomri, Khumri, Cimmeria, etc. Saxon/Greek/Latin/English Words Derive From Hebrew.

Item #3: The German people are related to the Jutes, an Anglo-Saxon tribe which is the Ancient Tribe of Judah. This is common knowledge in Identity. Christians need to bring their understanding of the Migrations up to speed. We are living in the old-fashioned world of academia, which falsely believes that the Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian people are unrelated to to Biblical Israel. We have hundreds of books to prove our origin in Israel. The Shemites of the Bible were ARYANS, not Jews. WE have been misguided by the Jewish version of OUR history. "In Isaac shall thy seed (descendants) be called." - Gen. 21:12.

The author of the following article falsely asserts that the Jewish people are a PART OF the Tribe of Judah. This is patently false. How can Edomites be part of Israel? Otherwise, it's a very good article.

Item #4: German is a Hebrew Language

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Very informative and well written articles Colonel . I will have to read all 3 again , been away from yer blog for a few days .

I have several of the books you mention , and many more , proving the scriptural identity of the Israelites of scripture to be the anglo saxon and kindred peoples .

It's been just over 20years since my eyes were opened to this fact and I can still remember my initial excitement . I thought surely everyone I showed this to would be just as thrilled as me ...
wrong !
( particularly not the churches )

Our own people will fight this truth tooth and nail , even though as you say , an honest study would prove the same to anyone . Despising their birth right and denying their God .

I believe too that this is where the term caucasian came into play . Also , does not the scripture say that Israel would be blind to her ( their ) identity til the end times ? Those calling themselves jews have always claimed
( falsely ) that they are the people of the Book .

Have you ever wondered
( as I have ) just how far Solomon's navy may have traveled and what may of been accomplished ?

I wonder also of the approaching time concerning the parable of the virgins ( hope no one has any smart aleck comments ). I touched on it in a comment or post .

They all have lamps
( the Word ) but not all had oil
( understanding - they had no Light ), and will be scurrying about trying to cram for the final exams , but they will miss out .

Folks will desperately look for understanding but who will have time ? Gods spirit will not always move among man . Conditions will not be conducive to study . We'll be in pure survival mode then .