Friday, 29 August 2008

The Migration Chronicles Part 4

The Migration Chronicles Part 4

Israelite Tribes Become Euro-Saxons

Item #1: Yair Davidy's account of the migrations of Dan and Naphtali (remember, Davidy is a Jew, who is always trying to equate the tribe of Judah with the Jews. Otherwise, his work is excellent. - Eli James).

Item #2: Linguistic Division of Tribes Into Clans

Item #3: The Tribe of Asher Migrates Into Europe

Item #4: The Euro-Saxons, good encyclopedia article

Item #5: "Israel's Grave Was the Saxon's Birthplace," WH Bennet

It is also worth noting and sharing with your 'jewdeo-christian' friends that there is no attempt at disputing the fact that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Lombardic and Germanic etc, peoples are true Israel even by the likes of Davidy et al.

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