Sunday, 17 August 2008

A note from Eli James

Friends: The Ossetia situation is looking very ominous. The International Zionist reaps the profits of war while other nations provide the cannon fodder. The Zionist will back any insurgency in order to destabilize Christian and Muslim countries, but they may have gone too far against Ossetia, which is ethnically Russian Christian. - Eli

Item #1; Economist Agrees With Identity Perspective on Ossetia

Item #2: Risky Escalation by Bush, Inc.

Item #3: Gorbachev Presents Russia's Side of the Story

Item #4: Author Claims Georgian Attack in Ossetia Was Deliberate Zionist Anti-Christian Genocide

Item #5: Georgia's Military is an extension of Zionist Militancy

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Flanders Fields said...

Good links, Colonel.

The "Western" media has been very active trying to present a unified story, told very loudly, but the facts just do not back the disinformation presented by them.

Your links and various others give a good picture for those who are interested in knowing the truth and who will be willing to delve beneath the wall of media disinfo in order to observe the facts.

Here is a link for you from one of my postings, which confirms the Soros involvement:

It is time to stop the extermination of Whites and Christains.