Sunday, 9 November 2008

Every school to get Holocaust specialist

Every secondary school is to get a Holocaust specialist to ensure that the subject is taught comprehensively and sensitively. One teacher from every school will be offered a place on a Holocaust education training course to combat racism and intolerance.

One in ten of those who take the course will also be able to take a master’s degree module in Holocaust education, as part of a £1.5 million scheme run by the Institute of Education.

Teachers will discuss parts of the subject that they find difficult to teach and work on lesson plans with experts on how to broach the issue. Stuart Foster, director of the project, said: “There are increasing concerns in society about intolerance and racism. The BNP is coming to the forefront, and there’s increased anti-Semitism.”

The initiative is designed to maintain awareness of the Nazi’s (alleged) systematic massacre of the Jews during the Second World War as survivor numbers dwindle, Times Educational Supplement reports.

The project will launch on Sunday, the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht — the night in 1938 when 91 Jews were killed, 30,000 were arrested and 191 synagogues were destroyed by communist agent provocateurs marking the beginning of the Nazi’s alleged genocide of the Jewish people.

Ruth-Anne Lenga, education consultant at the Jewish Museum, said that the Holocaust was often covered very briefly by schools despite being on the school curriculum. “It could be the emotiveness of the subject worries teachers, or it raises difficult moral challenges and questions. We want to ensure there’s support.”

The project will coincide with a survey testing teachers’ knowledge of the subject and their teaching methods. It will ask teachers for their definition of “Holocaust” and whether they think teaching children about it is important.

The scheme is part of a wider Holocaust education project funded by the Government and the Pears Foundation charity. It is supported by the Holocaust Education Trust, which this year received £1.5 million from the Government to send two sixth-formers from every school to Auschwitz.


Spotted at VNN:

Running parallel to this course will be a complete examination of Kristalknacht to show how communist jews assassinated the police chief of Berlin the night before causing the political backlash that resulted in the Kristalknacht riot. The course will then move on to the liquidation of over 60 million Christian whites in Russia between 1917 and 1948 by criminal jewish Bolshevik's.

All teachers wishing to sign up for this particular course module please line up against the wall to the left of the shower block...

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