Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Opposition Party Activist Tortured at Police Station

This is no quote from some Amnesty International report about Turkey or Egypt, nor a snippet from an asylum-seeker’s application form. It is no less than an unprecedented allegation that a British citizen was brutally tortured at a British police station, by British policemen acting in the name of politics.

A tapestry of shame is now being woven before our incredulous eyes. 2008 may well be remembered by the historians of a future age as the year when, for the first time in living memory, a British ruling party endorsed the use of extra-legal violence and physical torture against democratic political opponents on the British mainland.

There is no doubt that these various assaults on the members and organisation of the British National Party are all manifestations of a cold and calculated Labour government plan to destroy the BNP. It is quite inconceivable that the Chief Constable of Merseyside would have ordered the mass detention of peaceful BNP activists without first seeking and receiving the formal backing of Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Smith is no Julius Caesar, but she has indeed crossed a political Rubicon. Britain long ago began a journey of infamy on the road to Zimbabwe, but surely no one could have predicted just how far down that baleful track our corrupt and degenerate rulers would be prepared to drive us?

Just a few short weeks ago, it was inconceivable that the British State would ever publish the home addresses of an opposition party’s members and their families on the internet, in flagrant breach of the law. It was unimaginable that even a Neanderthal Labour tabloid like the Daily Mirror would stoop to inciting black racist violence against twelve thousand British citizens. No one would have believed that busy call centres could be used with impunity to threaten frail old ladies and cowering, tearful children. And, above all, it would have been impossible to credit that British policemen might resort to torture at the behest of their political masters. And yet, Labour’s boundless and demonic spite has conjured every one of these nightmares into hideous reality.

There will be more lionhearted BNP men like Andrew Tierney, arrested on trumped up charges, who will stand fast and staunchly refuse to surrender their DNA for Labour’s wicked database. So there will be more torture, and yes, more cuts and bruises to be photographed as badges of honour, published on the websites of the world, and disseminated in leaflets by the thousand throughout our own land. Labour will soon regret the gift of political martyrdom they have given us; a gift we will gratefully use against them in defence of liberty.

Ninety years ago, our forefathers grappled in the stinking mud of Flanders to defend our British freedoms; do Labour’s floppy fascists truly imagine we will yield up those freedoms cheaply to them now?, No, we will hold our courage and stand fast together through these dark days of winter, for our bright, confident spring will soon follow close behind.


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