Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Blacks have no more say in Africa, than whites have in Europe

This absolutely stunning work comes from the National Front web site as a response to an article that appeared in 'The Voice'. Sadly the author of this truly brilliant political commentary is not named..

In reply to "the voice" newspaper.

The September 8th edition of "THE VOICE" carried the headline "Euro Sex Tourists Abusing African Kids". It rightly complains that regular sex tourism on a massive scale is spreading the HIV virus, attracting paedophiles and leading to widespread child abuse.

It is reported that an estimated 30,000 girls in Kenya aged between 12 and 14 are being lured into hotels and private villas where they are ruthlessly abused. Another 3,000 young girls and boys are in full-time sex work. Apparently these children are being paid for carrying out the most horrific and abnormal acts". This includes performing sex acts with dogs, sodomy, gang rape and being drugged and beaten. Much of this debauchery, we are told, is for the gratification of tourists.

Whose fault is this? Kenya, for instance, while under British rule was a, civilised, successful modern country which compared favourably with many European ones. Its police force, which had been modelled on Metropolitan Police lines, was recognised as one of the finest in the world. Kenyan Kip Kano and his fellow runners had gained enormous respect for black athletes all over the world. After the British left, why was everything allowed to degenerate into chaos so soon after? It is no use Africans living in Britain and other European countries bemoaning the state of Africa, having preferred to spend their time trying to lord it over the white man rather than protect their homeland.

Every continent is now ruled by a non-touchable ruling elite, which during the past fifty years, has dramatically lowered the quality of life for virtually every nation. Warmongering, political correctness, loss of personal freedom and the world-wide recession has come as a result of submitting to this shadowy and authoritarian dictatorship. It is usually taken only one fatal mistake to allow the non-touchable ruling elite to gain control. For Christian Europeans it was the moment when Winston Churchill succeeded in getting Britain, and its allies to go to war in 1945. Churchill, for whatever reason, was acting on behalf of an authoritarian dictatorship, which included usurers, communists, Zionists, unscrupulous get-rich quick businessmen and arms manufacturers.

The Africans' downfall came when they allowed similar groups of usurers, communists and amoral businessmen to press them into demanding majority rule and independence. This is why "New World Order" tyrants hero worship Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela, the men who put large areas of two continents under their control.

Of course the spirit of the upsurge for African independence was a nationalist one. Unfortunately, running advanced countries wasn't as easy as it seemed. The blacks problems were compounded when as soon as independence was granted, the world ruling elite who had championed the African cause, did everything in its power to ensure the black man didn't succeed. Abandoning Africa wasn't what the black man set out to do. From the time independence was granted, Africans were lured into Britain, and the rest of Europe, by invitation of offers of work and a new open-door immigration policy.

Everything that the black man has done since 1945 has been pre-planned and orchestrated by left-wing political activists, who have been under the direction of the relatively new shadowy, anti-nationalist ruling elite.

Let us reflect on this again. On the African continent, moves for independence which appeared to be initiated by the natives, were in fact masterminded, financed and brought about by the American and British governments, together with communist organisations, international financiers and get-rich quick speculators. The Africans were never given the chance to elect a government in their traditional manner by selecting representatives from their respected elders and tribal chiefs. Instead, powerful and semi-secret bodies like the Bilderberger and Fabian Societies imposed their own puppet dictators on to an unsuspecting African populace.

Idi Amin, the Sandhurst-trained dictator of Uganda only obtained his position by courtesy of the American and British governments, who saw him as preferable to a man over whom they had no control. Likewise, Robert Mugabe was installed as dictator of Zimbabwe (with his blessing) by former Bilderberger chief Lord Peter Carrington. This happened while serving in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet.

It is not that white Europeans have much to crow about. They also have had leaders they did not pick, of whom they knew nothing when they were thrust upon them. When John Major became Prime Minister, people asked, John Who? Similarly, when a grinning Tony Blair claimed victory for New Labour, the public knew nothing about him, only perhaps what some Sun newspaper readers had gleaned from Rupert Murdoch's glowing reports.

Peter Hain who fomented much of the anti-white activity in South Africa, has been a cabinet minister in Britain for many years. But for his convenient forgetfulness over personal political funding he might have become Prime Minister. Then we have Nelson Mandela who is not the superman he is made out to be. It is the ruling establishment, including the likes of Henry Kissinger and Tony Benn, who created the media hype for him and elevated him to warrior-king status. If he had posed a real challenge to the authorities he would have received the same kind of treatment as the National Front gets in Britain, that is media silence, harassment, character assassination and attempted intimidation. What people need to realise is that Nelson Mandela was used by globalist empire builders to bring an end to British rule on behalf of corrupt politicians, asset strippers, shady speculators and land grabbers. Without this access to the global media, he would have remained virtually unknown outside his circle of family, friends and followers.

Going back to the September 8th edition of "The Voice", Deborah Kong made the observation that the Notting Hill Carnival has become a disappointment to West Indians because "cultural pride seems to have moved further away from its roots". However, the writer enthused how In St Lucia and Trinidad the carnivals still have a tremendous, vibrant and cultural atmosphere.

Deborah Kong also wrote with passion about the fragrant herbs that grow in Saint Lucia. When the West Indies were under British rule the diverse range of herbs and spices grown there were successfully sold around the world. We have been told that since independence profits from bananas, sugar and rum have slumped, and that outsiders who control the tourist, hotel and holiday industries refuse to buy local produce, preferring to fly food in.

Problems such as these are due to globalisation, where the ability of ordinary people to form trade alliances with other countries has been quashed by anti-nationalist forces such as the EU, the American government and multi-national corporations. It is the EU who have stopped the importation of West Indies sugar into Britain, and the EU and America who restricted the purchase of ex-colonial bananas. The National Front believes that we should remake the alliances that we had before anti-nationalists brought an end to our empire. Rather than become tied into a one world Socialist state we should remake ties with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The West Indies, Kenya, Sri-Lanka and other ex-colonies where there exists a will to seek freedom and improve their situation.

The variation in climate and wealth of raw materials found within the Empire provided a far wider range of crops and produce than the confines of the EU. Each nation within the empire gained considerably by being part of it, which is why the British did not want to bring it to an end. We believe that with the catastrophes that have be-devilled most of our former colonies, due to isolation, since they became independent most Africans would agree. With the number of Africans and West Indians clamouring to get into Britain, the idea that natives wanted independence to see the last of the white man is seen for the absurdity that it is.

Coming back to the first article the National Front is firmly on the side of the many Africans who object to the sex tourist trade. Not only are we against perverted, permissive and alley-cat style sexual gratification, but also intercourse between people of different races. Although many black writers condemn such disapproval, their disappointment at the loss of their identity, leads one to believe that somewhere beyond their muddled left-wing thinking is a natural desire for the preservation of their people similar to ours.

Circumstances in Africa will not improve while the most learned and capable blacks remain in European lands pretending to be white men. Nor can Europe recover while Africans and other non-whites are being used to impede and stifle the white-mans attempts to regain control of his country.

The African must return to Africa, take charge, and sort out its problems. In the same way Europeans must regain control of their countries and undo the damage that has been done throughout the post-war period. Then in a new and friendly atmosphere, Europeans and Africans can embark on a new strategy based on mutual advantage.

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check this out: http://antihalturner.blogspot.com/

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Well I did as you asked and checked it out and what a load of semi-literate uneducated bollox from an irremediably ignorant fucking peon.

Hal Turner is not to everyone's liking and even I have had disagreements with him in the past but lets not loose sight of the fact Hal is also entertainment.............