Sunday, 9 November 2008

Communist Union Boss Blows Members’ Cash on Cuban Junket

BNP News Team.

Not content with betraying British workers by actively prompting the interests of foreign workers over his own union’s members, Unite boss Derek Simpson has jetted off for an all-expenses paid trip to Communist Cuba.

Allegedly going there for “high-level” talks on trade and human rights (this in one of the most shattered, backwards, hard-line Stalinist-era Communist dictatorships in the world!), Simpson, 63, and wife Freda flew out business class joined by assistant general secretary Doug Collins and his wife.

The outrage of the trip was not lost even on some of Simpson’s equally cranky colleagues. Unite’s North West regional secretary Kevin Coyne was quoted in a newspaper as saying, “You have to ask how appropriate this was at a time when our members are facing recession and losing their jobs.”

Seven months ago, Simpson sent a delegation of 12 on a £25,000 trip to Cuba to salute retiring dictator Fidel Castro. He vowed “no frills” leadership when elected boss of Amicus in 2002, before it merged with the TGWU. But he later flew by helicopter to Glastonbury pop festival and blew £20,000 on a kitchen for his £1-a-week rented union home.

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