Monday, 17 November 2008

Economic Benefits of Immigration is Zero says House of Lords

The much trumpeted establishment claim that mass immigration has benefited the economy has been blown out of the water as experts told the House of Commons that immigration had brought virtually no economic benefit to Britain.

A report by the Lords Economic Affairs Committee, which was debated in the House of Lords yesterday, told how the government had “wildly overstated” the economic claims made for immigration.

Whereas the Government claim that the unprecedented levels of immigration in recent years has brought in £6billion a year to the nation’s balance sheet, the report showed that the real “benefit” of mass immigration was about 58p per week on the living standard of the native population.

Lord Wakenham, the Conservative former Cabinet minister who chaired the enquiry, said: “We found no evidence of these large economic benefits. “What we did find was serious flaws in the Government’s arguments and we concluded that on average the economic benefits of immigration were small and close to zero.”

The report also found that those on low wages and young people looking for work had been adversely affected by mass immigration and it was also responsible for forcing down wage levels.

Critics have also warned that public services, including schools, hospitals and transport, are struggled to cope with the influx. It has been calculated that about £8.8billion has had to be found to bolster the asylum system, teach English to new arrivals and treat illnesses.

Such a devastating rebuttal of the lib/lab/con-census’ most cherished hobby horse was bound to bring in criticism from those wanting to prop up their favourite ideological experiment. And the inevitable has happened; the report has been condemned as “racist” by the usual suspects.

Labour peer Lord Haskel, in the classic, tried and tested strategy of stifling debate on this issue, believed that “racist views” could be detected in the report: “While I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, the impression is that the politics of the committee is anti-immigration,” he said. “And, if they want, a reader can detect racist views in the paper.”

What the report doesn’t take into consideration of course is the demographic considerations of mass immigration. With many of Britain’s major cities on the verge of becoming majority non-white, and the UK as a whole predicted to go that way by 2050, this is the one issue that the establishment will never debate.

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So the truth is now racist? It's a pity that New Labour didn't consult the learned members of the Lords Economic Affairs Committee before inviting the third world to come and live in the UK.

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