Sunday, 14 February 2010


Over 400 members arrived at the railway station and they were directed to the venue.
The BNP National Organiser Mr Eddy Butler opened the meeting at 1215. He was followed by the Reverend West who led the prayers for a good outcome to the coming vote.
The chairman of the British National Party then spoke for one hour about the current situation and then asked if there were any opposers and would they please raise their hands.
Only two people dissented and they were asked if they would like to leave the room to discuss the subject. The opposers stated that because of their few numbers that it was pointless and declined the invitation.
Mr Griffin then spoke for a further hour before opening the floor to questions. In total 9 members asked questions that were answered by the chairman to the apparent satisfaction of the questioners.

Voting members showed their overwhelming support for their chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP by following his advice with regards to the changes needed to the Party's Constitution for the party to survive and continue in its battle to reclaim the Country for its rightful owners.
The Voting was as follows:
5 against
3 abstained
Over 300 voted for.

A victory for common sense. The event took place the in following order.
After lunch 9 more people asked questions which were responded to?
At 1515 Mr Nick Griffin spoke for five minutes defending the motion.
10 other people then also spoke defending the motion.
Just 3 people spoke out against the motion.
The vote was then taken and the motion passed.
All members then stood and sang an emotional JERUSALEM before leaving the room.
Why did they even bother voting as it was a done deal?

So after all the blood sweat and tears, all the money and time, lost jobs, relationships broken, arrests and police harassment and much more in the name of Nationalism, Nick Griffin gives into the Phillips run race industry without a fight.
I never thought I would see Nick Griffin give in so easily, hands in the air White flag flying high.
He even said if White people do not like it then the BNP is not for them on Sky TV!

I remember when the BNP was ‘only’ for White people - how times change!
He has betrayed the very same White nationalist who put him where he is today. What has happened to his fighting spirit when he was once prepared for prison during the Leeds Crown Court case?

This threat was met with no protest at all; no demonstrations and I have to ask myself why that is? I am sure you will form your own opinions. Well it only remains for me to say that the National Front with its 43 years of History and non-changing policies is ready to welcome all the White people Griffin does not want.

The ‘National Front’ the Only Racial White Nationalist Party in the UK today. Join the National Front..

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

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British Nationalist said...


Victory is sweet.

Woden's will.... said...

A sad,sad day for nationalism.May the God's bless all those who made the BNP great,and may the Gods curse and avenge them that have destroyed it!

Woden's will.....

Woden's will.. said...

"Victory is sweet" WTF!
How can a so called British Nationalist,say letting in load of ethnic groups into the BNP be a victory????
Does this "British Nationalist" celebrate hanukkah and not Christmas?

Woden's will...

Jane said...

The battle is far from over, and I remain firmly in the middle of the battlefield. It is not time for me to leave the BNP and allow the deluded, ideologically ignorant wreckers to have their way. I understand the strategy, and it could work well yet. Nick Griffin said only days ago that the BNP will never be multiracialist and continue to be ethnonationalist. Within the year things will be much clearer.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

"Does this "British Nationalist" celebrate hanukkah and not Christmas?".

Visit the fucktards multi-culti blog and see for your self.

He hates racial nationalists, loves effnix and poofs. A definite fifth columnist deserving of the rope........

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Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

....... oh and another thing. With over 14,000 members I wouldn't call 300 wankers voting yes a victory. So Mr British Nationalist I wouldn't be so quick to pour scorn on the vanquished, they may just turn around and bite your fucking head off.

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