Sunday, 21 February 2010

News from the agricultural district.

My good friend The General conveys news from the agricultural district that the Northants BNP has done a better hatchet job on a disillusioned former member than the socialist NUJ could have ever done, even citing the NUJ in it's baseless, fictitious, lying, bullshit of a response to Daventry BNP candidate Dave Jones crossing over to the National Front in protest at the BNP's recent constitutional changes.

Not content with attacking the NF which may perhaps have been fair game, they quite unnecessarily and maliciously attack the personality and integrity of one of their own former candidates. There is no depth the BNP will not plumb in an attempt to discredit those that question the party line. Note that Walker is careful not to mention Dave Jones by name in order to avoid an accusation of libel.

We are told that a reaction from Daventry is forthcoming, meanwhile this is what Rob Walker, the BNP East Northants organizer wrote in his Northants Patriot blog today..

"The National Front (NF) are attempting to recruit members of the BNP that are unhappy with the decision taken by the vast majority of the BNP membership that took the time to attend the EGM, to allow non-white members to join the party. Whilst those on the far-right, like the NF claim that the BNP have sold out, the NUJ run media say that the BNP are the same as ever and that they have not changed. So which is it to be?

The following announcement appeared as part of a posting on the NF website on Sunday 14th February:

…the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP.

Firstly, I would like to counter this lie. The Daventry Branch of the BNP could not join the NF as there is not, and never has been, a Daventry Branch of the BNP. There has never even been a Daventry group. The Daventry BNP Contact has joined the NF. As a contact for the BNP he failed to convert a single enquiry into a member. The person concerned has stood on a couple of occasions in Drayton Ward for the BNP, on one occasion obtaining an impressive 31.2% of the poll. However, this was only achieved with the activists that came from across the county to help him out. The number of activists in Daventry can be counted on the fingers of a man with no fingers. It is expected that the NF will contest Drayton ward in the Daventry District Council elections later this year but it’ll be interesting to see exactly how many leaflets get delivered. Last year in the run up to the County Council elections, Northants BNP had to organise a day of action in Daventry, 18 activists turned up and blanketed Drayton ward and another we were intending to contest. And our contact had the nerve to say he did not receive any support. Had he done the job of recruiting members we would not have had to divert people away from other areas.

Despite several meetings being set up in Daventry for members of the BNP in the town these were always arranged and set up by the Northants Branch, the contact did not arrange anything. The person concerned claimed elsewhere on the NF website that the vote at the EGM was a done deal and that BNP members did not get any notice of where the meeting was being held. This claim is another lie as I personally sent an e-mail to the person concerned, as I did every other member of the party in the county that I have an e-mail address for. The report on the NF website goes on to say that the person concerned is now the Daventry organiser for the NF. If he is as much use as an organiser for the NF in Daventry as he was a Contact for the BNP then we are better off without him. Contacts, and organisers, need to be proactive, answer telephone calls and e-mails and not expect that someone else will do the work for them, you only get out what you are prepared to put in.

This is how the BNP's henchmen reward those who don't agree with or question the Gri££in dictatorship.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds all too formiluar and walker is bull shitting.None of our organisers received an email from him about the EGM.Our group was on the verge from going from group to branch status,now we too have also threw the towel in and no longer want to be associated with ZANUBNP

Northants Patriot said...

I did not send an e-mail to all organisers, I sent an e-mail to all members that I have an e-mail address for in Northants. All organisers should have received information from their Regional Organiser or Eddy Butler and should have disseminated that information to their members.