Monday, 1 February 2010

Some Piece of Work...

Quote: "Just finished a 7 hour session going through the new constitution with Nick and Eddy. Totally wiped out as a consequence and will be spending what little is left of Sunday relaxing by the fire."

I have repeatedly posted the question on the comments section MI5mon Darby's blog 'where is the vote members have been told would take place whereupon WE can decide the constitutional issue of allowing non British membership of the BNP.'

As a goodly measure of the utter contempt and disdain this arrogant pig has, not only for myself but other BNP members, not only has he not answered this simple straight forward question, he hasn't even bothered to publish it..

MI5mon Darby is undoubtedly some piece of work. Perhaps one of our enrichers will do us all a huge favour in return for our endless largess..........

Pip pip


Anonymous said...

all darby think's about are tits! of the featherd kind.

Anonymous said...

Ho Hum,

You claim Darby is an MI5 agent.
Care to provide any real evidence of this? Not speculation but REAL evidence.
Or is this just another one of those "gut" instincts that somehow you and many of the posters on Stormfront seem to have been magically blessed with?

All nationalist organisations will have state spies operating in them.
But you can't spend 99% of your time and energy looking for them.
If you do, you have given up on the political struggle because you have no time left for it!

The establishment is trying to close the BNP down by bleeding it to death with legal proceedings and draining it of the money it needs to survive. That is the real threat to our cause that needs to be dealt with.

Yes, the BNP needs money and will keep asking for it again and again.
In this system money is needed to gain political influence. That is the world we live in, not the world we would like to live in.

With regard to the BNP changing its constitution and its members having the right to vote on any changes being made, I believe that is what the EGM is being arranged for. I'm not sure if only those members who attend this are being asked to vote, as opposed to the entire membership. If so, I couldn't care less. Those who attend the EGM will be the real activists, those who get up off their backsides and actually do something. If the "keyboard" warriors and "armchair" nationalists don't get to vote that is no real loss.

They can go back to expelling more hot air at their "Nationalist" forums.


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Firstly I have never posted on Stormfront or any other 'forum', they are for costume fetishists and for uneducated biggoted wankers. Secondly you say we shouldn't spend 99% of our time searching for and exposing agents of the state, correct. We should spend 100% of our time routing the bastards out.

I have stood as a candidiate for the BNP for the last five years and have campaigned, organized and canvassed for them, often alone and in all weather and recived not one ounce of appreciation or gratitude from any of the self serving hierarchy, even when I have returned amazing results. As a Nationalist party the BNP's days are over.

They no longer represent my interests or those of the members of my ward. What is the point of a BNP if it is open to anyone?.

Simon Darby is a total waste of MY money. He should be told to fuck off and get a job if he can let go of Gri££ins knob for long enough.

Then you have scum like Arthur Kemp who claims Christians are a cancer. Do you earnestly expect me to support an organization that espouses such views?. I would rather support the ANL than a filthy tow rag like that.

As for me getting a vote, I consider I have more chance of pushing butter up a porcupines arse with a red hot needle.

Finally I am sick of recieving two or three letters a week now, jewing for money. I have joined the NF and will not be renewing my BNP membership and if the BNP still insist on deluging me with junk mail after that some cunt will get a slap.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I never suggested you posted on Stormfront. I was making reference to the many others who complain and moan about Nick Griffin and the BNP. As you so eloquently put it, "they are for costume fetishists and for uneducated bigoted wankers".
I agree that most (not all) of them fit your description. On that much we can agree.

I was an active Nationalist for 20 years and also stood as a candidate.
I didn't expect an ounce of appreciation or gratitude. I did it because I believed in the cause. End of.
I did expect support from the party leadership and judging by the efforts you made you should have received this. I also was let down on many occasions but that is also part of life. People are people! If the cause is truly worth it you carry on despite the personal letdowns.

Many other European Nationalist organisations do not have a whites only membership policy. The Front National for one. They have not been "swamped" by the enemy. And yes, they only do this to prevent being closed down by the state. So what! As long as the struggle continues, that is all that matters. It does not mean they have betrayed the cause. They have used their brains when confronted by the state. Opposing the state on "principle" and watching a few hundred nationalists being sent to gaol would achieve nothing. Perhaps they could all sit there behind bars with a warm glow in their belly's thinking about how they hadn't capitulated to the state. Wonderful! Brilliant tactics!

I don't know where you got Arthur Kemp's statement about Christians being a cancer. If he was referring to the official Christian institutions he was bang on! If he was referring to the majority of individual Christians in our country I disagree.
But he is one individual in the party. Some of his views I'll agree with others I may not. The same goes for every other member!

Every political party has people of religion and atheists including the NF. You state that "As a Nationalist party the BNP's days are over" I would suggest that the days of the NF as a Nationalist party were over about 20 years ago.
You may as well try and relaunch the BUF!

Finally, when will you be posting that evidence that proves Simon Darby is MI5?


Anonymous said...

well done colonel i joined the nf afew months ago. i also gave up on the bnp. hope to see you at a forth comeing avent.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

And I suppose you can prove that he isn't an agent of the state can you?. Even now it has emerged that even the FBI has sources high up in the party.

Pip pip

Topper said...

A lot has come out from the whole Hal Turner thing eh? Makes you wonder just how far up the dizzy heights of British Nationalistic types the FBI go.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I agree Colonel joining the NF is the best move for all UK White Nationalists.

I must also say people like yourself working hard to out the enemy within allows others to get on with making the movement stronger. The sacrifice made by people like you should never be forgotten.

Its a different world now for WN. we have learn't from the past. We are going into battle now with a shit load more knowledge of the enemy within and outside our respected groups. We know all the tricks and we have thrown out the rule book.