Monday, 22 February 2010

Asian TV millionaire set to join the BNP

A tycoon who starred on TV’s Secret Millionaire is joining the British National Party to RILE them because he is Asian.

Mo Chaudry, 49, will formally apply today days after the BNP had to change its whites only constitution because it breached equality laws.

The Pakistan-born businessman, who is worth £60million, admitted last night: “I will not be welcomed with open arms.” Despite blasting the party as racist, he vowed: “I want to stand up and be counted and expose the BNP for what they are.

“I want to antagonise them and attend their meetings, find out what makes them tick.”

Muslim Mo, who made his fortune from water parks, appeared on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire in December. He handed out cash to worthy causes in the Asian community of Leeds.

The dad of three, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, said: “I live near Stoke, which is becoming a BNP stronghold – and don’t want it being known as a racist city.”


Either they will welcome him with open arms or they will try to block him. In which case he will, with the full might of the establishment behind him, sue them out of existence. This is only the begining. Such tactics are, as predicted, only the thin end of the wedge, Watch this space as they say..........

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Anonymous said...

i have known from day 1 when the bnp where caveing in to allow ethnic's to join the party that would en counter problems. the uaf and other people will finf out where there meeting's are and create trouble.