Saturday, 27 February 2010

News from the agricultural district.

My good friend The General conveys an open letter from former Daventry BNP candidate Dave Jones to Larry Nunn, the East Northants organizer which the authour wishes to be published here.

A full rebuttal of the West Northants BNP article by Rob Walker, as seen in a previous article here will be released soon I am reliably informed.

"Hi Larry.

Just a quick note to say thank you to yourself and Rob for the superb hatchet job done on me at his blog. I did have to read it a couple of times to confirm whether or not it actually related to me since it didn't really contain anything factual. Obviously therefore, he didn't mention me directly by name so as to avoid any suggestion of libel.

It does at least reveal finally and most accurately, the measure of the kind of people I was dealing with all along. As the old saying goes; "how could I have been so blind?."

I did say to you during our telephone conversation and again in my subsequent email that there was no antipathy on my part towards anyone whatsoever and nothing personal was at issue and that out of respect for individuals and the hard work they had invested for the BNP I would not be contesting elections or giving interviews about this strictly private and personal decision. Anything that may have appeared on the web until now were the words of the National Front and not me. Until now I have remained quite silent, even refusing to comment and it was my earnest intention to continue doing so out of the aforementioned level of respect I had for you personally.

Unfortunately Mr Walker does not share that respect and his childish attack upon me for having a differing opinion and for exercising my democratic right to disagree and re-shape my allegiance shows this. Naturally any such indications of neutrality as I may have given previously are now null and void and should I ever again be given the chance to speak on national television or to the press about the BNP and some of it's more petty, spiteful, duplicitous, treacherous and nefariously untrustworthy members I will most assuredly and gleefully avail myself of any such opportunity to do so.

As for me changing my mind and coming back with your assurance that you would do everything to facilitate my return, well, I think we both know what can be done with that idea do we not.

This was all so utterly unnecessary and could/should have been avoided but Mein Fuhrer Walker decided otherwise. Perhaps next time he will have learned to keep his idiotic outbursts of infantile pique to himself. This could have passed by quite unnoticed. Now it will come back to haunt him and the party. What is it with political types that they simply have to wash their dirty knickers in public?.

Despite our differences I at least hoped and even believed you would not stoop to this. Perhaps I misjudged you like I did Walker, I hope not, but regardless, I do, in spite of this, wish you all the very best Larry. As for Rob Walker however, he can get fucked, and I intend to see that he does..

Dave Jones.. "

Pip pip

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