Monday, 15 February 2010

News from the agricultural district.

Daventry BNP defect's to NF

My good friend The General conveys news of great import from the agricultural district tonight.

"Andy Gray, the East Midlands Regional Organiser of the NF is pleased to announce that the Daventry Branch of the BNP has seen sense and defected to the National Front. The reason for this is because they are allowing non-Whites join the BNP. Being true nationalists they saw that the NF was the only real racial-Nationalist party left to represent them. We would like to welcome them on board and if anyone else in the area is interested in joining them please contact

We are also in talks with other BNP branches in the East Midlands about coming over to the NF, I urge all members of the BNP to come over to the NF now as we are the only party left that truly represents the White people of Britain.

Copyright National Front 2010 "

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Woden's will... said...

Greeting colonel,i see that includes David Jones.David came second in the Drayton ward as a BNP candidate last year,maybe he can win as an NF one(that would be a stick in the eye).I leafletted that ward prior to the elections,maybe this year i'll help with the NF cause.

Woden's will...