Friday, 16 July 2010

Liverpool BNP in meltdown

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"Today (15th July) saw the first meeting in Liverpool since all officials were removed from the Branch on the orders of Clive Jefferson. The meeting was to put in place the new officials who would run the branch, the meeting was chaired by Clive Jefferson.

The new officials are:
Organiser: Mike Whitby (From Wrexham)
Fundholder: (Karen Otty)
Secretary: Andrew Leary (from Sefton and has less than a years membership so doesn’t qualify to be an official).

Due to the Suspension of 3 dedicated Activists Peter Stafford, Peter Squire and Tony Ward we were forced to sit upstairs in the public bar area. This made a point of Clive Jeffersons contempt for Democracy and Freedom, all night we received lots of support from the members who were offering to buy us drinks and saying they found it disgusting. However we had plenty of support in the meeting as you will soon hear.
To start the meeting it was pretty normal with them saying who the new officials are and then having a Guest Speaker who was James Whittle. Who I believe made a very good speech which was well received, everything was going fine at this point.

However during the break Gary Lucas a member with less than 2 years membership and a member of security felt the need to come upstairs hide around the corner and take photos of the suspended activists enjoying a drink and a laugh. We informed security who then made Gary Lucas delete the pictures from his phone.

The 2nd part of the meeting then began and this was to discuss what was going on within Liverpool BNP. Now keep in mind that most of the Liverpool members who were at this meeting were suspended, Clive had to bus supporters in such as Chris Vanns etc...

This part of the meeting got VERY heated and lots of shouting occurred which we could hear from upstairs. Firstly former organiser and MEP candidate Steven Greenhalgh listed what Liverpool BNP has done before the elections and after the elections, we were one of the branches that raised the most money in the country for the general election. He stated this because several days ago Clive Jefferson sacked the Branch fundholder on the grounds that the Branch was inactive, a statement which was proven FALSE by Steven Greenhalgh. Clive Jefferson was then stuttering and coughing not able to talk properly under the pressure, he then started to say but there were no other officials. People then pointed out the statement in the letter which sacked the fundholder which is not in line with that, also regardless the fact is within a few days Clive had new officials lined up and had no need to sack our excellent and professional fund holder who is a veteran. Clive Jefferson simply could not answer and was a bumbling and coughing and stuttering all the way through. Mike Whitby had to jump in and save him on a number of occasions. They admitted they were not questioning the integrity of our fundholder and that he had done a great job.

People also asked why the activists has been suspended, again Clive Jefferson could not answer any of these questions. People were getting angry and started to walk out of the room because of the complete joke it was, we were promised answers and none were given.

The point was raised about Andrew Leary not having 2 years membership and therefore could not be an official, Clive said he didn’t know the rule and will have to look it up. Again all that came out of Clive Jeffersons mouth was stuttering and coughing he could not answer a single question he was totally out of his depth.
As a result of the people getting frustrated and demand he stopped repeating himself and answer the questions he immediately dissolved the meeting and brought it to an end without getting through anymore serious questions.

Clive Jefferson thought he could have an easy time by suspending key activists, however he underestimated the support that they had in Liverpool. He was clearly shown that he can not mess with Liverpool and not be held to account for his actions.
After he closed the meeting, Andrew Tierney then started to ridicule the members and chant “bye bye” while sticking his tongue out, he also was confronting another member wanting a fight.

Then as we left the building Gary Lucas shouted “Tranny” too Tony Ward and ran into the building and hid behind the other Security. Clive Jefferson had to be escorted out of the building by a side door because of the high tensions.

This is what is now running the BNP, and it is a disgrace."

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