Friday, 16 July 2010

Politicians, all the same?. On the face of it certainly.

Many have asked of late "who would you go for in the BNP leadership race". My answer is no one. I have lost interest in the BNP and did so a long time ago. Even then I saw things as they really are. That the party and those that represent it are just like all other political figures in that they are completely disconnected from the real world. Even if they are not, that is certainly the impression they convey, whether they realize it or not.

Whether I am being stopped in the street, being canvased at my door, having leaflets through my letter box or having some smug face glaring at me through my screen, all I see is a twat in a suit. Nothing more.

Now I don't know about you, but the only people I encounter in suits are people that are after something. That is an immutable and unalterable maxim of society. My election agent used to embarrass me by looking like a Jehovah's witness as we went leafleting or stood outside the polling station. It turns people off plain and simple. If you wear a suit working people invariably eye you with suspicion. And not without just cause.

Ordinary working folk such as moi don't wear suits and ties unless we are up in front of the beak or burying grandma. Other than that, it is my experience and that of my peers, that people who wear suits are people out to take something from us. What they offer in return is purely illusory and will never be realized. Middle class business parasites, bankers, civil servants (of whatever dept), CID, Government agents etc et al. Fill in the blank..

They are all the same and people know it. We are not the dim witted bumpkins they like to assume we are. They are all the same thats why everyone will tell you that they are. It's called knowing from experience. It's an almost Pavlovian response due to a long process of cultivated instinct.

Basically suits represent officialdom, people who assume superiority of status, who think their shit stinketh not. When we see people in suits we think, what does he have in common with me?, why should he be remotely interested in me?, he's not like me, he doesn't even look like me. We think hold on to your wallet because people in suits are symbolic of the acquisition of money by any means. Thats one of the reasons they wear suits, people are intimidated. The very first thing that goes through our mind when we see a suit is, Uh Oh, whats this twat after. How can they expect you to take them seriously dressed like a grave digger.

What ordinary working man would dress up in a suit to sit on a plastic B&Q patio set in the back yard let alone expect themselves to appear as political representative of someone else who has to work for a living. How on Earth can you be expected to take such shallow pretentiousness seriously. How could you ever possibly appear more disingenuous.

Yes of course there are the odd exceptions, like the club stewards who wear those blazers festooned with badges and stick twenty pens in their top pocket but they are cretins and can be discounted.

Looking clean and presentable is one thing, however looking like your from the CIA is another thing entirely. That was the one and only thing I had issue with regarding the NF's Bernie Franklin who I very much admire and respect. He always dressed like he had just come from a mourning at the crematorium.

The day someone walks up to me not wearing a suit, who's breath does not smell like napthalene, calls me by my given name and doesn't insult my intelligence............
We'll see.

Pip pip

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Anonymous said...

yes sir i agree the bnp just like ukip are plastic nationalists! i don't care who becomes the chairman, i left them 12 months ago and joined the nf a few months later. i don't regret a thing.