Saturday, 17 July 2010

Why the BNP is finished, or yet one more reason.

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The BNP is no longer a true nationalist party in any sense of the word. It has become nothing more than the Tory party on steroids at best. It is full of multi-cult embracing libtards and leg wetters. It has completely acquiesced and become subservient to the new world order zionist lobby.

To quote the words of an astute commentator penned elsewhere: "People have been allowed to swell the party ranks who simply have no business being there in the first place. They are neither Nationalists nor even particularly politically orientated. They are right wing liberals who neither in depth or shallowness care anything for our future but care only for their own continued personal material comfort and prosperity. They will go along to get along with anyone, embracing diversity so long as their ethnic friends don't scratch their BMW or play their music too loudly. "why were not racist, we have coloured grandchildren doncha know".

Just take a look at the image above for a prime example of how far the BNP has slumped in terms of the desire to preserve our race and nation and the people it now seeks to attract, look at it and read what it says. Then ask yourself, is anything suggested by the lobotomized moron in that post ever likely to exist, or for that matter ever existed at any time in history in any so called multi-cultural society anywhere on God's green Earth?. Secondly ask yourself is this what I signed up for when I joined the BNP?.

Quote: "They will then hopefully see the need to send the more recent immigrant scroungers packing (save our proper British Blacks, Asians and others especially our Sikhs...... and we DO know the difference! they have nothing to fear from us...... The UK was great 20 odd years ago when minorities and the natives were pretty much living in harmony... all went bad when mass islamic nuts and criminal immigrants decided to bring their trades to our land.....)."

With 'friends' like these do we really need enemies?.


Get out now and join a TRUE nationalist party. Join the National Front.

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Anonymous said...

i hope that cunt dont seriously think hes speaking for me