Saturday, 17 July 2010

News from the agricultural district.

My good friend The General conveys news from the agricultural district that former BNP member and candidate Dave Jones had been approached by a Conservative councilor with intelligence concerning the possibility of a sudden by election in his ward. Apparently said councilor and his group are in need of as much support as they can muster to defeat certain proposals which the council plans to railroad through despite overwhelming public objections and decisive NO vote in a recent referendum..

Dave Jones was informed that he could expect as much 'help and support as is necessary' to win the seat. You can imagine their utter surprise to discover that Dave Jones had resigned and is no longer either a member or candidate for the BNP. He is now a actually a member of the National Front.

You may recall he resigned earlier in the year on principle at the constitutional changes regarding ethnic membership that were hurriedly implemented without the promised all member ballot on the matter. He was promptly slandered for his decision by Northants organizer Rob Walker and others. Their actions have ensured that any chance the BNP may have had of securing a councilor in the area have been irretrievably lost.

Dave Jones is quoted as saying: "It's possible that I could have been persuaded not to leave. At the time I was very angry but nothing was set in stone. I had been approached by the NF but had not yet formally resigned. At that point any talk of my leaving could have been put down to rumour and speculation.

I had spoken to no one in the party about my decision. That was done for me by an outsider without my prior knowledge. Larry Nunn told me I could and would be welcome to change my mind at any time since any final decision about my membership was his. Rob Walkers' personal spite in putting his oar in put paid to all of that.

How can you trust people that will knife you in the back as an indiviual to safeguard our collective interests as a Nation?

Not only is sleaze, corruption and incompetence endemic throughout the BNP, but they never miss an opportunity, to miss an opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

1. Rob Walker is not and never has been an Organiser for the BNP.

2. Comments made by Rob concerning Dave Jones came after Dave's comments over lack of support, which was after the announcement that every member of the BNP in Daventry had joined the BNP, which was a lie. Rob had always supported Dave's election campaigns and arranged several leafleting sessions in the town including a day of action in Daventry where 17 activists turned up to leaflet the whole ward where he was standing in the County Council election.

Dave Jones said...

Not only is Rob Walker an organizer for Northants BNP he was also chief fund holder. He also had all the printing and leafleting resources and actually did more in the county than anyone else to his credit.

He also had the good fortune of having the most committed activists in his area so when the country was split in half he ended up with all the resources and my side of the country ended up the poor relation.

Never to my knowledge have there ever been 17 people leafleting my ward. The most I ever knew of was eleven who leafleted the entire ward in one day just prior to my first bid as candidate. It was after that and the splitting of the county in to two regions that things went pear shaped.

I still have the emails exchanged between myself and Rob Walker wherein I complained about the utter failure by 'certain people' and the monumental fuck up which was my last standing campaigning, in which he agreed completely that said persons could not organize a piss up and that the burden of responsibility was theirs.

I wasn't able submit my expenses until AFTER the deadline because I couldn't get them signed off. There are other serious issues I will not go into surrounding the ineptitude and incompetence of certain individuals involved in my last campaign.

To conclude I will add to the claim that I didn't do enough in my ward by way of organization or contacting members and potential applicants.

The reason for that is simple. After almost two years I did not then, and even to this day do not know the name or address of a single BNP member in Daventry town which is fucking amazing since the membership list was later all over the internet.

Despite numerous promises that such vital information would be made available to me in order to organize members locally, nothing happened. Even a visit from Geoff Dicken to my home to clear up the data protection angle still did not get me what I needed.

Rob Walker is a hard worker and totally dedicated to the BNP. This is another reason his asinine remarks still leave a very bitter taste.

The one person amoung all of them I thought I could completely rely upon turned out to be a Judas. Go figure smart ass.

Dave Jones said...

I almost forgot to mention. I have never claimed that the BNP members in Daventry defected to the National Front. That would indeed be impossible because to the best of my knowledge there WERE NONE. The only BNP member that left and joined the NF was ME.

The claim was made to Larry Nunn by Andy Gray of the NF without my prior knowledge or consent. I raised that issue with the webmaster of this blog at the time so he can, if he so desires, also verify that fact.

Anonymous said...

3rd May 2009

When the county was split in two the number of active activists was the same on both sides of the county. Over 50% of the 17 in Daventry that day were from the west of the county.

Dave Jones said...

Someone is believing their own propaganda. I've only lived in the damned town 30 odd years and stood in the ward three times so what the fuck do I know 'eh?.

If you were so sure of your position and truly expected to be taken seriously, and if there were a shred of truth in what you allege you would post under your name not hide behind 'anonymous'..

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Keep it civilized chaps, if you don't mind.

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